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Im not in ketosis anymore!!! :(


I will do this!!!
I had 2 bowls of soup yesterday because the nurse at the docs said to but i was hoping not to get kicked out of ketosis but i have!! Oh well ill just have to struggle for the next few days to get myself back in.
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why did the nurse tell you to have soup?


I will do this!!!
Because i had a sick bug then i got laryngitis so i hadn't had any shakes or anything for a week so she said to forget LT for a few days and concentrate on getting better


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Oh honey, that's such a shame. I suppose if you had some veg soup, even though it would have been low carb, it would have been enough to knock you out.

Are you feeling better? If I was in your situation I would make sure I was fully recovered before worrying about getting back on the diet as your health is much more important. You also don't want to drag the illness out any longer than you have to.

Good luck xxx


is loving the soup?!
Hun, it's OK.
You know what you did, you did for your health and on medical advice. You have been incredibly ill lately.
2 bowls of soup will contain hardly any carbs at all. Not enough to replenish glycogen stores - lol not enough to fuel you for more than half an hour either I expect!
That means you'll have burned them off already and be on your way back into ketosis as you write.
It isn't like when you started and you had thousands and thousands of calories of stored carbs to burn up - probably about 50 calories!
So don't stress. And I certainly agree with Medea about your health being important xxx


I will do this!!!
Cheers guys. I am feeling a little better so it did help to get something in my stomach, even if i could ony manage 1/4 of the bowl then i felt stuffed!!! Woke up with the worse headache this morning so i presume thats the whole not being in ketosis thing! Just hope i wont struggle anymore with the shakes :(
S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
Oh dear, you've been really suffering recently havent you? That sucks. Well, your health is obviously the priority here so dont worry. Im sure you'll get back in ketosis soon, your body is so used to it I bet it'll snap back pronto!

Just drink the water and rest as much as you can hun.

*hugs and paracetamol*


I will do this!!!
Thank you! think im going to go and have a nap this headache is crippling!!
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Hope the nap helps -you've been thru the wras of late! LT is not the priority -and if you try to force it when you're not ready you'll just always be struggling with it. Wait until you're 100% again and you'll soon hit Lt running!


I will do this!!!
Well at 11o'clock this morning i was negative an officially out of ketosis, after getting home from work i tested myself again and im back in!!! YAY! im starving but im glad im back in ketosis :) :) :)

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