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I'm not really new but...

When I first joined, I firmly encamped in the Lighter Life sub forum. It was only really yesterday that I dragged myself out of it, and since I'm still very much a newbie to 99% of the site, I thought I'd make a proper hello.

I'm Andy, and yes, I chose my username badly as everyone thinks I'm a girl. I'm 36 and live in Newcastle and work as a programmer.

I've made a good start on my weight loss regime, and I look forward to being more involved aroudn the site :)

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welcome on board Andy. Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey:)
Ps thought you were a girl too (not that it matters) glad u put the record straight;)


100% Focused
Welcome Andy. Good luck on ur weight loss journey. Well done for losing a whopper of 67.5lbs. You must feel sooo chuffed with yourself. Keep on doing what ur doing and you'll reach your target in no time.
Hiya Andy Nice to see you !
Lynne x

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Maybe FireFly would have been a better choice!! :giggle:

Welcome to minimins.

Congrats on the amazing weightloss so far, you must be so proud of yourself. :D

I'm from Newcastle, where abouts are you? x
Thanks ladies :)

I live in Gosforth. Not originally from here but have been here for about 13.5 years.

I am stoked at the weightloss and for the first time in my life, I *know* I will succeed.

Yes, Firefly probably would have been better - sign up in haste, repent in leisure lol.
All the best Andy with your weight loss journey, ya have done superb so far. Ya seem very focused and ya have to share your secrets of success, I know I could do with some of them :) I look forward to reading your posts and most importantly hearing of your success, take care

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
That's where I'm from!! Small world.

Got relatives in Bedlington, Cramlington & Wideopen to name but a few!

If you pop over to the Tech help forum & ask Pierce really, really nicely he may be able to change your user name for you. :D
Hi Andy,

hmmmm i noticed Tazzi and CC leading you astray yesterday:p:p!!! well at least they brought you out into the open world of mini's!!! :) x

Nas x
Hee, thanks everyone :)

Yes, I'm still on LL Irene - and expecting to be on the main weightloss part till the end of Feb, followed by 3 months of RTM.

Miss_Unknown, no real secrets - I just reached a place in my life where I am no longer willing to accept second best (or third, fourth, and so on). I've experienced life as a morbidly obese man, and now want to experience it as a thin man. I've craved food the last few weeks, lost beloved pets, and been rejected by someone - and in every case, I never once considered turning to food. That is such real progress for me.

Very small world, Frijj :) I live near the jubilee so if you're ever up here, let me know :) (THough I'll be on the mineral water!). Thanks for the tip about getting my user name changed - I've decided best to keep it - I've been here over a month and I figure people will get used to me :)

Yes, DQ, they have certainly brought me out of my shell a little ;)

Thanks everyone I didn't comment to by name :)

I can defintely understand where ya are coming from and like yourself have decided to change moreso for confidence than anything else. Due to my size I have been bullied in the past and I would like to believe in myself that I can do this life change!! I really wish I had your determination and attitude its defintely something to spur ya on and continue, all the best. If god wills it ya will have everything in life, for every person who rejects ya there are others who will love ya for the person that ya are. Unfortunately people with no weight problem doesnt look beyond the weight and they blame it on yourself when its really a disease but in the end ya can look back and see that they weren't ever worth it in the first place!! Take care