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im not strong enough :(


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hi everyone

i havnt been on properly because i havnt been on the slimming world plan - here comes 6 weeks holiday and kids playing up and not having any time for myself to cook anything special!
even peeling potatos they gve eachother few bruises....
i just hit that wall on slimming world where im not sure what to eat i been off plan for 3 weeks and reallllllllly finding it hard get my motivation back :(
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Gemma you can do it honey - you have done really well your pics are amazing & you look great!!!

Never mind that youy have been "off plan" get back on it girl!

Why not get the kids involved in cooking??? Maybe some cooking will keep them entertained & you get to still eat the right foods.

You could arrage a "Movie Day" make SW Chips & dips & leave them to it while you get cracking in the kitchen & get loads preped.

x x x


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well reason i come here is bcause i feel like cr*p... i feel bloated n rubbish. my mums taking children away for weekend tomorrow until sunday, i have painting to do but hoping tomorrow i can do couple hours cooking and do some freezer food so on bad days i can just defrost and cook!

also does anyone know any large freezer bags - thinking of cutting up slimming world chips to freeze so there at the ready..

i think ive fooled myself i keep making excuses for my weight 'loss'

1, i keep losing and gaining so my weightloss looks like i loss but havnt.
2, photos make me look slimmer as i breath in and wear jeans tht sqeeze it in
so for everything good i find excuse make it false?!?


Yummy Mummy! xx

I hit a wall a good few weeks back, had a major binge, couldnt get back into the plan etc etc.

So i sat down and wrote a list of all the reasons why i wanted to do the plan and what i can achieve - realistic small goals and Ive pinned it on the fridge along with my certificates for motivation!

Its difficult with the kids off - Ive got a 7 year old and a 2 year old and with a big age gap its difficult to find something they can both do together. How about making some SW friendly food (with their help of course) and have a picnic in the garden? If they cant help cook why not ask then to set the picnic area up?


Ane remember....if your having a bad day, we're all here to moan at lol!!!


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there 3 and 4 they just want to make cakes all time LOL
i been binging on takeaways and crisps i just feel like a cant do it, i look at size 12 clothes and i genuinly believe im never going to do it so why try? think im on a real low
I have a 4 and a 6 year old. I survive difficult days on SW by making sure I have the fridge stocked with things I can just pick up and eat when I have a mo, or can cram into a bag for a picnic without cooking...hard boiled eggs, FF yoghurts, chicken drumsticks, baby tomatoes, baby sweetcorn, cucumber etc.

Also for dinners, if things are tough I live off jacket potatoes (just stick em in the oven and add a can of beans or FF cottage cheese or tuna etc.), and I've bought some mugshots (instant noodles in a cup thingies) so if I get stuck I can have one of these, some chicken drumsticks and a few bits of raw veg / fruit as a meal.

Its not easy. I gained 1.5lbs this week, but if you really really want it, you can do it.

Its also worth considering what you'd advise a friend to do in the same situation - we often give better advice to friends than ourselves! Would you advise her to pack it in? Start again later? Or plough on through?

Wishing you lots and lots of luck whatever you decide x
I feel exactly the same and this is meant to be my first week back on it but Im just not doing that well, however I am eating bette rthan before which cant be bad, yes I slip up and i know i will but Im eating better food than last week and next week will be better than this one etc. I always find the school hols hard as there are many picnics and my friensd and I all share the picnic food so everythign is available.

chin up it will come together this week I have eaten home cooked meals (not ready meals/toast etc)

more water.
Next week it will be more
Ah Gemma, i was looking out for you.. hoping you were around somewhere.

Hon, no matter what time of the year it is, there is always somthing- 6 weeks holiday comes every year.. you have to be strong in mind.

I think you were a bit wobbely a few weeks back and never truely got really stuck in to the point you were so determined nothing could stop you, so the holidays have arrived and the pressure has mounted.

come on honey- no excuses.. lets just get back on the wagon yeah? im here with you, we all are.

I feel exactly the same, the school holidays have just compounded the mistakes I made in the last few weeks of term. Today I have some tests coming that if positive will change the way I eat forever so today is the start of either SW or SW without gluten, either way I cant stay like this any more. My weight affects my whole life and Ive been fat for so long I dont ever remember being slim. I sabotage myself because Im afraid of change and the effort needed to keep it up.

You and I both know that SW works and that minimins is a great source of support. Its time we took the bull by the horns and really pushed these next three weeks so we are prepared for September and the run up to Christmas.

Good luck, you CAN do it and SO CAN I!
Gemma how do you make your SW Chips?? I get baked spuds, stab'em & bung them in the microwave. Then once softened spray with frylight, a sprinkle of salt & then some herbs/seasoning depending on what flavour I fancy, pop into a very hot oven then to crisp. They don't take that long that way.

My 2 are 1 & 3, so like you cakes is what they like!! You can make the 1/2syn roulade thing for your cake & if you make bun's rather than full cakes if you do have 1 or 2 the syns are lower.

Make sure you have plenty of free foods in, Banana's, Grapes, Apple's, chopped up Pineapple that way when you get the munch erge grab some of them - if afterwards you still want crisps, have a bag & syn them! I go specifically to Aldi for my crisps, 4syns a bag & there lovely. I make sure I have these in for this purpose.

What plan do you follow?? If you let us know, maybe we can give you a list of easy quick meals you can make at lunch times to stop you eating the naughties. And take away - what do you get?? I am sure we can help you either by giving you recipes to make yourself, or a low syn choice from the take away.

Like I said, don't give up. You we're always to proud when you were having losses & you seemed to really gain confidence. Soon you will be in that size 12 honey - believe me, I got there & even managed a 10 & that for me was totally unbelievable. Once I got into them there was no way I was slipping back to old ways!!

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