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Im obviously doing something wrong :(

Hi this is my first post so appologies if its in the wrong place.

Im doing my best to loose some weight Im really self-conscious about going to a meeting but Im currently following weightwatchers but the old way :) I feel very motivated this time (believe you me there has been many lol) and happy to do it at home I have great support from my hubby and kids and they keep me going - I have been doing Davina McCalls fitness dvd 5 morning per week doing the warm up then 1 or 2 workouts and the cool down I have kept to my points and have also bought a cross trainer which Im alternating between the dvd - still doing the warm up and cool down tho.
I have put on 2lbs this week:(((( although I feel deflated and that I have let my hubby and kids down Im still determind for this to work this time - so what have I done wrong I feel better in myself for excersicing which is a bonus :) any advice is greatly appreciated :)

I hadnt weighed myself for a very very long time and although I knew Im overweight I didnt weigh as much as I thought I did which I have to say give me a huge boost.
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I have been told that if you're working out loads then there is a big chance you'll gain a bit first...Something to do with swollen muscles or muscles are heavier then fat or something...so you might have lost fat weight but gained muscle weight?? Just keep going at it and I'm suure you'll loose!! Good luck!! x
Thank you for the reply hun it is very much appreciated - I havent workout for many years and maybe Im doing to much to soon ??? Im only managing between 7 and 10 minutes on the cross trainer at the moment :)
S: 21st4lb C: 21st4lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeah, I hadn't done anything for ages either and before I started what I'm on now I was trying to eat a bit healthier and doing about 45 minutes on the exercise bike every night. After a week and a bit i weighed myself and I had gained!! It's soo discouraging..I was angry..My partner told me that and it made me feel better. I also had my Dr mention something along those lines when I told her about it. So, if you are following the rules and all that..and you really should have lost but haven't...I'm sure that's got to be the reason. :)
I really dont want to stop excercising it makes me feel so much better but I dont want to look like some muscle bound woman so I just need to find out what the best balance is I think.


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OK firstly congratulations on starting and good luck...
If you start exercising from nothing or increase exercise alot from what you were doing for the first week and possibly the 2nd your muscles will retain fluid.
1lb of fat and 1lb of muscle weigh exactly the same a lb is a lb whether is fat, muscle, sugar anything!!
It takes longer to lay down a lb of muscle than it does a lb of fat, this is something our old consultant had to go through pretty much every week!!
Many thanks Peachy

I havent done any exercise apart from dog walking for about 10 years eeekkkk !!!!! so now doing the dvd's and the cross trainer on a daily basis well 5 days per week is obviously building up my muscles Im happy that I actually feel better in myself more of a get up and go rather than a get up and sit back down again :)

Thank you for the replies it really gives you hope just to know that someone has taken the time to read your post thank you ladies :) and good luck to you too x


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Allison, try taking your measurements on a weekly basis (chest, waist and hips plus thigh and upper arm) when you are weighing yourself. That way even if your weight is affected by your muscle/fat ratio you will still be able to see the difference all your hard work is making to your shape - and that's the main thing. Its a great motivator and really reflects the changes which you sometimes can't see just by looking, especially at the beginning. Keep going and good luck.
D x
Thank you Dale I will definately do that now and make a note as I weigh myself on a Wednesday so today i the beginning of my new week - onwards and upwards and thank you so much for the advice :)

Good Luck to you also x


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Remember to take photos, even if you don't look at them to start with. That's the only way I can tell if my body has changed because if it's gradual weight loss then I don't notice it in the mirror.


Bring on the weight loss!
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Mmmmm agree with Dale - weigh yourself and take measurements on a weekly basis :-D Good luck X

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