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I'm on cambridge diet, thinking of going on atkins

On my 4th week on CD and this week was my worst so far, in terms of temptations,:mad: not chocolate or biscuits but...pork chops!:eek:
I was cooking them for my son and I caved in!
I did the atkins diet before 4 years ago, with great results but I didn't follow the rules after I reached my target so I let my weight creep up again :cry:.
So I'm in two minds, what to do! So far I've had results on the CD but this week was bad so I'm thinking.......hmm! Anyone else here now that did CD?:confused:
Thank you for any feed back!:)
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hiya, im in the same boat as you... ive been lurking on this atkins page for 2 days now thinking is it worth it, doing CD....(££ cash and familly dinners).... but I have set a goal weight (190lbs) for me on CD and then im coming straight to Atkins till then im just gona lap up all the info on atkins from this page....

Your weight is good, if i was at your weight i wouldnt think twice...

all the best, whatever you decide xx
Hi Stoshy!
Thanks for the reply! I really don't know what to do, cause with the CD, you have the packs and that's it, maybe I'm having a bad week and am dreading tomorrow cause its my weigh in and I know I had a REALLY bad week! I feel so bold and feel like I'm going to see the headmistress tomorrow!! I feel I let her down but deep down I know I let myself down! Ah sh*te, I'll see how its goes tomorrow! Will let you know!
Thanks again for the reply!
Hi gals!

Yes I used to be on CD and I don't knock it - it really does work, but I couldn't stick to it for long and also I eventually began to feel very weak and faint on SS. I managed to lose three stones however, out of the ten stones I've lost in total, so I have respect for the VLCD!

I learned about low carbing from my CD days and this knowledge has basically changed my dieting/healthy eating life for the better. I would not hesitate to recommend Atkins to you both. It's wonderful. I eat so much good, tasty, nourishing food, and I don't feel guilt about enjoying it.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do x
Hi Girlygirl1!
Ooh! Thank you for your reply too, as I said, maybe I'm having a bad week and by no means am I knocking CD, its been good so far! Its just hard this week and because I did the Atkins diet before and had results with it, I was just thinking about doing it again!
Very, very well done with your weight lose! That's amazing
This site is great!
Thank you!
Hi and welcome if you do decide to come over.
Hi Mswobbly,

What did you decide to do? I've been lurking here for a while and just bought the new Atkins book (plus some cookbooks I found in a charity shop :) )

I have loads of Cambridge Diet stuff here so am going to finish that off and then move straight over to Atkins.

Good luck!


Fat busting crime fighter
i went from CD to atkins last year and found the transition a life saver. By being on CD you have killed your sweet cravings but its quite clear you need some nourishment (I felt so hungry on 810 let alons SS and SS+). I lost a lot of weight but had to come off it as I was poorly last year (not related to dieting, I may add).
Im back again as I trust this diet and there are so many tasty yummy things to eat x
I definitely won't have any sweet cravings. The only thing I eat on Cambridge is the chocolate powder. When I am done I never want to see anything sweet again :rolleyes:.

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