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"I'm on my way from misery to happiness" Diary

Good morning everyone! This is the first time I have posted on this site and I so hope it will keep me on the straight and narrow to complete a food diary. I have been lurking on the site for ages but have been too shy to post Please feel free to give me your opinion on whether it looks ok or not.....there's no such thing as bad feedback! I have been at SW for four weigh ins and so far have lost 5lbs ( one week was 1/2 gain on * week) I think I am going to lose it slowly but surely. I mostly do EE days and at the moment dont really do much exercise but hoping this changes soon....the large "donation" my hubby, son and I pay to the gym every month is ridiculous lol.

My biggest problem seems to be that I find it difficult to use my sins during the week just in case an unexpected night out crops up at the weekend and I end up way over my allowance? ( ever the optomist eh?)

Anyway, here's my plan for today:

B Magic porridge (HEB)
Strawberries, banana

L baked potato with beans
Side salad. 2 peaches

D large salad with Ainslie couscous, cottage cheese, gammon, and boiled egg.

will decide what to have for sins later on!

Hope you all have a Tremendous Tuesday.

Luv c x
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That last entry was yesterday's diary which I posted on the wrong thread DUH!

Anyway, today's food diary looks like this:

B Thai mugshot, 2 peaches and a banana

L Baked potato with beans and side salad

D 2 home made beef burgers with salad and low fat cheese (HEA)

Didn't have much of a breakfast as I thought I would have been going for my weigh in at lunch time. Had to do over time so missed weigh in...Boo Hiss
Woke up at 4am last night and couldn't get back to sleep....took me a while to realise that I was hungry.
Not going to make that mistake again today so here goes....

B. magic porridge (HEB) wee box of raisins (6 syns eek)
S Thai mugshot (1 syn)
L Homemade burger with baked beans
D homemade meatballs with curry sauce and rice

snax 2 Alpen Light Bars (6 syns), 3 greengages, 1 banana

Total Syns today: 13
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Thankyou so much Lounge lizard for that. I have amended the syns i hope! I need to work on more fruit and salad. Not a great veg fan but love home made soup and curries....I can usually disguise some goodies in them! cx
Thanks for that Lounge Lizzard!

My food diary for today looks like this so far:

B magic porridge (HEXB) lots of melon
L baked potato with veg ravioli and a tin of carrots
D Home made veg curry with chick peas, mushrooms, onions,orange pepper served with rice and peppered chicken steak from Joe's.
Snax: 3 slices of cooked ham, greengages x 3 Alpen light (3 syns)
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My friend came round last night and we sat the whole night without any wine, just chatted and chatted! Big change for us:clap:

Off out tonight to a local Italian with some girl friends so fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a syn fest! Don't want to drive as I haven't been out for ages so will stick to a spirit with LC mixer instead of wine.

My food so far today is:


2 joes pork and chilli sausages with 2 fried eggs (fry light)
2 slices brown bread (HEA)


satsuma, banana, peach x2, 2 greengages

Thai mugshot (1Syn)
Thanks for thinking about me LL.

I got out of the way of keeping the diary but I am back with a vengence! I got weighed on Wednesday and after 2 weeks I had stayed the same. Completely gutted! I went out that night and had a curry and a couple of gins and went straight back on it on Thursday....I wont be defeated!


B 2 brown wholemeal toast (HEX B) scrambled eggs, banana

L home made burger, tomato salad

D 2 home made burgers, onion, peppers, tomatoes

Snacks 2 alpen lights (HEX B) Melon

HEXA milk for tea and coffee
HEX A laughing cow extra light

Going to the cinema tonight so I am taking my Alpen light and cheese to munch on!

might have a wee packet of hula hoops too to use some sins!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday night.

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Well, by the time I got round to being ready for the movies it was going to be too late! Hubby and son went off to the driving range instead leaving me with a remote control all to myself and a whole hour to lust after Simon Cowell. :character00250:Lusting must do something for your appetite as I didnt eat the 2nd Alpen bar, the cheese or the hula hoops lol!

Today's menu:

Sunday, 12th September

Red Day

B 2 brown bread (HEXB)
2 dry fried eggs
"mixed veg stuff" yellow pepper, onion, tomato,, curry powder.
3 Joe's pork and tomato sausages

L. Tiny sainsbury's chocolate hedgehog (? Sins)
D smoked haddock
salad with tomatoes, cucumber,onion,rocket, carrot,radish,
1 dstp salad cream light(2 SYNS)
42g low fat cheese (HEX A)
will try and use another hex b and a before bed but I am completely stuffed!!
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Good morning world!

Well if I dont lose weight this week I will freak....I have been squeeky clean since my curry last wednesday so fingers, toes, eyes and anything else crossed!!!

Today will be a green day as I am going to an Italian restaurant with my friends this evening. Might end up extra easy though...mmmmm. Guess thats the beauty of slimming world!

The plan..

B 2 brown Toast (HEX B)
tin of tomatoes

L home made broth
spaghetti hoops
Sainsbury's BGTY couscous with roast veg (half tub) 1/2 syn. Rocket, radish, tomato, carrot, cucumber. 1 tbs light salad cream (2syns)

D melon and parma ham (?3 sins), bean stew ( tomotoes, barlotti beans, red pepper, haricot beans. Gave away my garlic bread .
2 litres of water (piddling for Scotland!

2 diet cokes.

Not sure of syns today but really don't think I'm over...
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Weigh in day.....EEK!

- think I have been good this week. But who know as its my * week and - just feel byeeugh!

Today's food diary on a red day

B banana

L sainsury's chocolate hedgehog
Cooked prawns

D lamb casserole made with lamb, leeks and tinned tomatoes. Served with boiled. New potatoes (HEX B)
1/2 lb off for me...I think I deserved more than that but hey ho! Its my * week so I will just have to get my head down and get stuck in with the job in hand.

Didn't post yesterday as I had a few bloops but I will confess my sins today!


B 2 small wholemeal bread (HEXB)
1 egg fried in fry light

L 1 slice white bread with egg mayo (? 10SYNS

D roast beef, boiled potatoes, mushy peas

"snacks" 1 morrissons delicious indulgent lemon cake (?10 syns), 1 giant choc chip cookie (?13 syns)

Total syns on complete rubbish.......33 EEEK:mad:

Total syns for week: 70
total used so far : 33
syns left: 37


B magic porridge with Strawberries (HEX B)

L cheese mugshot (2SYNS), muller light and strawberries

D cottage pie with mashed carrot and turnip

snack: Asda chilli popcorn chicken (11syns)

Total syns for week: 70
total used so far : 46
syns left: 24
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Yee ha its the weekend!!

Friday 17th September

EE day.

B magic porridge (HEXB)

Snax 2 clementines
2 figs, 1 muller light,2 mikados (1syn)

L leftover shepherds pie made with xtra lean mince, potatoes, carrot leek and turnip

D steamed salmon fillet, new potatoes, caulli and broccoli, light salad cream (4 syns)

Having a very hungry day today! Trying not to eat many syns as I am going out for a few drinks tomorrow night.

Syns used this week :51

Syns left this week : 19
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Well done on your loss:)

Oops, at the syns on the cake, cookie and white bread. I know I wouldn't have been able to stop at one cake and cookie (aren't they usually 4 to a pack) so you did well!

Hope you have a good weekend:)
Thanks LL! To be honest it was just ridiculous that the bread and cookie ended up in my gob anyway... I got called in at the last minute to cover an afternoon shift and left my lunch in the car. I ended up clearing away the last of a coffee afternoon, and before I knew it they were consumed!! The best laugh was that I was going back for a second cookie and one of the ladies had snaffled the rest of them into her wee handbag!!God bless that wee thief.

Todays Food Diary (EE)

B 2 1/2 joes garlic and chilli grills, tinned tomatoes, scrambled eggs, 2 hovis wholemeal bread (HEXB)
2 mikados (1 syn)
D roast chicken, potatoes, chickpea dahl (Asda),cauli, broccoli. light salad cream (2 syns)

This leaves 16 syns to spend on Bacardi!!!! Yee ha!

Just in and the damage isnt as bad as i thought it would be:
bacardi and diet coke x 5 = 10 syns

total syns for week: 70
syns spent :64

syns left : 6

Thats to do me for another 3 days EEK
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Feel quite pleased with myself this morning. I made a really grown up decision last night to eat before I went out and just stick to a couple of spirits instead of having my pre slimming world weekend of lots of red wine, pakora, curry, nan bread etc etc!

Anyway, my food diary for today looks like this...

Sunday EE

B asda wholemeal pitta (HEX B)
2 joes pork, garlic and chilli grills
tinned tomatoes
2 dry fried eggs

L banana, bluebeRries, muller light

D potatoes, carrots and tinned tomatoes

5 nachoes at cinemA (3 syns?)

This leaves me 3 syns for 2 days!
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MONDAY 20 th

Working all day today so here goes......

B magic porridge with blueberries (HEXB)

L lentil soup (lots of veg in it)
5 large spoonfulls of very creamy, very delicious home made rice pudding ( billions of syns probably)

D roast chicken, 1 joes grill, tinned tomato, lambs lettuce, onion, yellow pepper, cucumber garlic and chilli, all mixed together with a small amount of pasta....looked strange but tasted fab!

Darned rice pudding!
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Losin the baby weight :-)

Hiya Cammy!

Just thought I’d drop by and say hi and well done on your loss……and VERY well done for not indulging in a curry and wine – big pat on the back for you! :happy096:
Just to let you know – and I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but the Asda WM pitta bread is no longer a HExB! The co-op WM pitta is now though! Just though I’d better let you know! The SW site hasn’t been updated yet for some reason! :rolleyes:

Good luck for the rest of the week! x x

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