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I'm only losing a pound a week

I started Slim Fast this month and so far have only been losing a pound a week so have only lost 2 pounds. Admittedly I havent stuck to it 100% but pretty damn close! :break_diet:I also go to exercise classes 2-3 times a week and walk lots so I feel like this is going to take forever!

I am going to try my best to stick to it 100% this week and see if that makes a difference.
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Dont feel too down about the number coming off. By looking at your Stats it would seem that you are very near a low weight and so have little to lose so it is bound to come off slower than someone like myelf who is morbidly obsese. The best think to do is to not compare yourself with others on the site and think of every loss as a posistive step towards your goal. It may be slower but you will get there. xxx Goodluck xxxx


Needs a kick
I'm a real slow but steady loser! Just think it's coming off not going on and if your working out muscle weighs more. Just think of summer your'll be at your goal weight... Keep it up xx
Don't worry hun. Whatever diet you are on, the closer you get to goal, the harder it is to lose the weight. I know it's dis-heartening but just stick at it. The weight is coming off so you must be doing something right. Don't forget about monthly fluctuations in water retention, etc that can make us vary by several pounds. Oh and the muscle you are gaining from exercise. Don't just use the scales. Use a tape measure and how your clothes fit.

If it's any consolation, I have found that when I am in my 25s on the BMI scale, my body seems intent to hold onto every bit of fat it has left! It seems like my body is happier with itself than I am with it! Haha! I have a stubborn half stone to a stone that I would love to shift (seems to be mostly on my thighs and bum) but I go through this constant lose a few pounds/gain a few pounds scenario. It's kept me a healthy BMI for quite a while but it does get me down because I desperatley want to sort my thighs and bum out!!!

I'm just finishing off some Cambridge Diet shakes I have left from autumn (not to go into ketosis - just to replace breakfast and lunch) and then I'm going to give Slimfast a go because saw it on special offer in Tesco. I prefer the taste of CD but they cost too much for me at the mo.

Good luck anyway hun. Just keep up the good work and don't let a couple of low weight loss weeks put you off. Next week your loss might be greater.
I wanted to lose at least 3llb a week and it aint happening... I know the feeling.
Thanks everyone. I would be gutted if I was putting on a pound a week so I'm gonna see every weight loss as a good thing in future xx:D
Good for you hun!

Just one more thought to get you even more motivated. This is what one pound of human fat looks like...

Imagine that melting off you every week!!! :D

OMG, I totally am in the same place as you, I am being so good, but over the last couple of weeks I have only lost a pound each week. It is so hard to keep going but I just think, the weight has got to come off. I went swimming last night did 50 lengths and had a short 20 minute jog before that. Why won't it come off!! LOL xxx


Slowly but surely!
Ive been the same since xmas only loosing 1or2 lbs per week but as long as its off not on im happy :)
why not measure ur waist, arms etc and note the loss of inches as well. U may not be losing pounds as quick but inches may be going...
As a BAD yoyoer you have to go back to the start of the plan read right through it and start sfresh we get complacient and eat a bit here a bit there and drinking the water makes you lose quicker.

I always do WW but cant anymore as I did the opposite I didnt have enough as I was scared Id over eat,remember if you dont eat enough your metabolism shuts down and you will go into stravation mode and your body will hang onto fat its from our ancestors cave man times Feast and Famine.....
Only sticking to a chosen plan will work I know through years of yoyoing sadly xxxx

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