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I'm overweight now!


Here we go again!
Forgot to say in my weigh in thread but today I reached the goal of going into the overweight catergory according to BMI. I started at Class III Obese and now am only overweight. Woohoo me!!

Sounds daft being happy to be overweight but can't believe I've done it. My BMI to start with was over 45 and now its 29.76. Unbelievable.
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Thats fantastic hun well done!!! I hope to be in the overweight stage soon myself...Caz xx


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wow thats amazing....i cant wait to be overweight lol


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whoooo :wow: well done bev :D xx


Here we go again!
Thanks Tanya. Couldn't believe the computer screen when it came up as overweight. Really surprised me, but a good surprise!
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Congrats Mini

WOW mini thats fantastic . Its a wonderfull feeling not to be classed as obese . I think thats the most awfull word . I was SUPER obese when I started (BMI 35.2) . You have done so well and are so determined to get to your goal . I really admire you .


Positivity is the key
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Congrats MiniB
It does seem strange to congratulate someone on being overweight but when I see your journey and how far you have come you deserve more than congratulations you deserve an award. It's a fantastic achievement and best of luck for the rest of it.


..doing it!
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Hellooo :wavey:

:wow: thats great news :happy096:

Getting healthier each week is such an encouragement :) :cool:


Lei xxx
That's great Bev, well done, you have done so well x


I will be skinny again!!!
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aaah Bev! im soooo happy for you!! bet you feel amazing :) xxx
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Hey Bev, it is a great feeling, I got there last week x Well done


Here we go again!
Thanks for all your messages and you're right, it does feel very good. I also hate the word obese, makes you sound so lazy and disgusting I think. Overweight will do me for now!


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WOW WOW WOW!!! Well done you!! xxx


One last chance
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Yippeee!!!!!! well done! ure doing fab!

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