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im paying the price now...

.....yesterday i had a day off plan and indulged in food i have not eaten in a while.

i admit i was naughty and really just plain right greedy! eating fish and chips and had a chinese meal and other nibbles.

well i have been throwing up all morning, i have never felt so poorly. after been sick 4 times things seemed to settle down a bit. i am putting it down to my tummy not been used to such rich and greasy food now.

i have learned a great leason and shall not be having that kind of food again in a hurry or maybe not so much of it.

has anyone else experienced this kind of tummy upset when going off plan??.

i guess its my bodies way of syaing " NO WE DONT WANT THAT CRAP" lol

lucky im not at work or i would have to ring in sick :eek:
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I had that when I first started, but mine was after eating a bolognese made with dolmio and a pile of white pasta, things I had taken for granted before starting sw.

Not sure if it was coincidence or not, but never again:D hope you feel bettter soon x
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Oh Emma, for sure I know that feeling. I started SW in April of this year and did not eat one "bad" mouthful until DH's birthday in June when we went out to dinner. I ate such rich food, asparagus with bacon and cheese, con fit of duck ( you could not get greasier than than) and a couple of liqueurs. Like you the following day I was so ill, it took several days to be back to normal.

Since that day I have not had one mouthful I should not have and my blow outs consist of 2 yogurts one after the other, or 2 bananas or an extra ryvita. I am so frightened of feeling that ill again, just not worth it.

It is hard lesson to learn but the positive out of that is you will not do it again, if you feel as bad as I did.

Wipe the slate clean my little friend, today is a new day.

hugs xxxxx


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I know how you feel with that one!
I've eaten bad all week, mainly because it's * week, and I can't help myself!
However, I've never felt so lethargic and generally crappy as I have this week. I definitely think I need to stick to the healthy eating! xxx
yes thats what i had Sue a blow out, and ended up blowing out in more ways than flaming one!!:eek:

yes my next naughty day will be extra SW food i enjoy, because im not feeling like this again over greasy food yuck!!!!!

Happy Holidays you go girl, not even one day off plan, i must take a leaf out of your book....im a bad women lol xx


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Since I have been on SW the food I have craved is pizza, so a few times I have had one and my word have I felt ill, like the dough was sitting in a big ball in my stomach, and made me feel physically sick!!

Last time it happened I said to my hubby it's not a feeling I want to experience again in a hurry!!

If I want to be naughty but stay within plan I will have Fish Fingers, SW wedges, melted Mozzarella and Beans on top and then some Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce, yummm!! :p
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totally agree. have had a weekend of naughtyness complete fell off plan. have felt sick and dodge with no energy. didn't get up until 09.30am this morning. this is not me at all.

never falling off again. plus i just felt i have let myself down. so feeling physically awful and now p***'d off with myself. never doing this again. i deserve better. so do we all

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