Im Pregnant...

Many congratulations Vicki the only good reason to stop doing your diet.

Dizzy x
Congratulations Vicky. On CD you can restart 3months after you've had a baby, as long as you are not breast feeding. Not sure about LL.

Perhaps you can transfer to SW or WW where you can eat sensibly so as not to have too much extra to lose when "baby" is born.
SW is ok to do while youre pregnant, i have a freind who does it and is doing really well!
Many congratulations!
Ahh How wonderful, Congratualations :D

Yes its the same with lighterlife - 3 Months so long as you are not breastfeeding...

Brilliant News :p
congratulations vicky! xxx :D
oooh so exciting! (a little jealous I have to admit although we're not trying)

I hope it all goes well for you is this your first?

Slimming world as far as I know is the only one actually recommended during pregnancy