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i'm really confused about clothes sizes and the weightloss


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You must have!! Clothes from different shops vary quite a bit. Sometimes I think my clothes I wear regularly just end up the same shape that I am lol maybe the other clothes just feel different...Keep it up you're doing Fab! x


Fab & Fit For Florida
well i must have been in a size 22 as my 22 jeans literally fall to the floor if i stand still and my 20s are "comfortable", tops are defo looser but i want the difference to be apparent...
Sara, it starts to get noticeable the lower your weight. What I mean is, when you go from 240lbs to 200lbs it feels like you can hardly tell, but when you then go from 200lbs to 160lbs (same 40lbs off) the difference is extreme! Kind of stinks tho because even after I'd lost 40lbs (starting at about 250) the difference was negligent. It's only the last 15ish pounds that have started to become very apparent! Hang in there, don't be discouraged, it'll soon start to make your head spin! :)
I've lost 13 lbs and my one pair of fairly fitted trousers is definitely looser. I couldn't even fasten them before. But when I measured my waist it had gone up one inch. But I'm trying to be patient and hope after another few pounds things might improve.
I've gone from size 18-20 to size 12 (although I can fasten a pair of size 10 Next trousers too! Yay!). I agree that it was probably slower the heavier I was, but then I did seem to drop a dress size every month or so. I definitely agree as you are lighter, losing half a stone is really noticeable - the heavier I was, I could barely tell!


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I agree with what has been said before, when I lost 5 pounds at 209 it wasn't noticeable except for my trousers ;) but when I'm losing 5 pounds now, it really shows. However you are still losing the same 5 pounds. Keep going ;)

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