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I'm really struggling now

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
I have lost 5 & 1/2 stone on this diet, I'm feeling better & looking good, I'm a size 12/14 & weigh 11 & 1/2 stone, but I want to weigh 10 stone.
I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay in abstinance, this week I was at a training session & ate some of the buffet & since then I have picked & binged all week.
I feel like I have really come to the end of my tolerance for this diet, I know you'll all say its my chatterbox & it probably is, but isn't it also possible that I have just had enough?
I have 2 weeks left until my holiday, what do I do? do I keep going like I am now, bingeing & not having all my packs, then start afresh after my holiday going straight back to development or do I do maintenance now? Whatever happens I will be eating on holiday.
I really don't know what to do.
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I can do this.
You have done so well...it would be a shame to quit now.

You have done brilliantly such a great weight loss well done. How about next time you go for a weigh in you have a private word about how your feeling with your LL counselor sorry not much help but I think thats what I would do :hug99:
Can understand it getting harder - walking through quicksand some days & hot baths just dont do it eh!! You are SO close though that it would be a shame to give up now. did think about it and going to loose weight the normal way but still think that I'll get it off quicker this way IYKWIM! Just wish it wasnt so expensive! Hang in there girl & try going back to the start & looking at your goals & maybe refocus them?


Serial Foodie!
if it were me, i would SS knowing that its only 2 weeks of SSing. Then, when u r on holidays, u will only gain part of what u have lost b4 hols so either way, u will weigh less when u get home than u do right now. better than keep eating for the next month and come back with much more to lose.

i can understadn u have had enuff and u have done amazingly well but maybe knowing its only for 2 weeks would help?

its ur call hun but thats what i would do :)

either way, have a fab holiday :D

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Thanks everyone, I think my stressful week probably has had something to do with the eating.
The cooker has packed up & we are waiting for the parts, it was the washing machine last week & yesterday we just found out that another family of squirrels has moved into the loft, which is partly converted & my daughter is living in half of it. But she won't sleep up there because there are still gaps through to where she is. This is the second lot of squirrels in 2 years, but no amount of nagging my OH made him fill in the dam holes that they get through!!!
I have an aversion to creatures & bugs & it makes me feel ill thinking about it.
I think maybe thought records are in order, I need to acknowledge I've had a bad week, move on & abstain for the next two weeks.
Karen I think you probably are right, it is only 2 weeks, I can re-assess when I get back from holiday.
Tomorrow is another day & lets hope the sun is shining.


Serial Foodie!
best of luck hun. xxxx

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