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im really struggling

I want to eat so badly....


whats the point in dieting? i have no one to diet for any more.. no one to try and impress :(

i feel so alone

kids are doing my head in.... urghhhhh just want fooooooooooood :cry:

savoury food!!

just had a marigold cup soup its horrible.. Roll on bed time
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whats the point in dieting? i have no one to diet for any more.. no one to try and impress :(
Oh Amethyst, sorry you are struggling today. This part of your post really struck me though. If you are trying to do this or any diet for anyone else it will not work. You have to do it for yourself hun.

I hope you manage to get through the day ok. THe marigold takes a bit of getting used to, but it should help to take the edge off your hunger.

If the kids are doing your head in, maybe take them for a little walk or something. THe fresh air might wear them out so you can have a bit of peace and quiet when you get back.

Good luck
Awww Hun.....

You do have someone to loose weight for...you and of course your children.

Don't give up hope....please stay on this plan....look how far you have come. Do you really want to throw that away for something that will make you bloated, have cramps, wind and make you feel sick???

What shakes, soups, bricks have you had already today AND how much water have you drunk so far today?
thankyou guys..

i am still on track and sticking to it.. upping my water from now to 4 litres instead of just 2..

kids are bad so i havent got no time to do what i love doing and thats chilling on my xbox (i know i know) ..

ive only had the one shake today i like to have my other 2 nearest to the evening as possible as thats when i find i am worse..

i loved the feeling waking up feeling my ribs he he so this is worth it.. i am going to do it for myself to be thin and to have confidence etc and meet mr right who will treat me with respect and put us all first.. but without my confidence that will not be possible..

so here goes back onto my long journey (or maybe short) to lose this weight..

thanks again to everyone and i hope you all sticking to it. and good luck with all your losses....

(must change thought from kebab to mushroom soup yum yum)

Lol...well done for staying positive when it's difficult Hun!!!

If you are feeling really pechish how about halving one of the shakes you have in the evening to have when the going gets tough during the day?? That way then, you can still have the 1.5 shakes in the evening too!

How old are your kids?
8 year old terror and an 11 mnth old baby.... taking them to the doctors now..

have my soup when i get back and a bar this evening...
Aww...I feel for you.

Take it as easy as you can with the little ones running around.

Go careful Hun.

Hi Amethyst

I am so glad that you decided to stick to your plan. I am only on week one of CD but have felt how you have felt some time ago. I was married 12 yrs ago to a gambler and when I was pregnant he lost our house to debt. I left him as I knew that my child would never get the life I had planned for him/her. When my son was born I knew i had made the right decision.
But it didn't stop me feeling lonely and worthless. Then I met my current hubby who fell in love with me and my son. We are together 10yrs and have another son. I adore them fiercely.
The point I am trying to make is that I was 18stone when all these things occured and my weight was a by product of these situations, not the cause.
Sadly, I'm still heavy coz I love food and hopefully I can succeed in my diet coz I wanna do it for ME and ME alone. If other family members get a kick out of it then that's great, but it's my project and my responsibility.
I saw your picture and you are a gorgeous girl. If you didn't diet for the rest of your life you would still be gorgeous but something inside you isn't happy. You obviously feel you are not the best you can be so do it for YOU.

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