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I'm rediculous!!

Honestly! I'm about to go and see my CDC for the first time since 3rd August (I've been on a looong holiday).. and I have no idea right now whether I've stayed the same, lost or gained weight.. could be anything...

So, I have half an hour to go, and I'm thinking of going to the loo, changing my clothes, cutting my finger nails/toenails/hair.., attaching helium balloons to my shoulders, scrubbing my skin to get rid of any tiny flakes of skin that might be weighing me down!! Hahaha!! This is just silly!!!

I'm not going to do ANY of these things.. well, ok, I've have a wee, but that's it!

This really is totally comical, but the thoughts are popping into my head wether I want them to or not, so I just thought I'd share! I'm sure I'm not the only one to have such silly fantasies some times!

Wish me well..

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Nearly a yummy Mummy
good luck :) i did the same this morning, i changed 3 times before i walked out of the door lol lol
Good luck hon hope it goes well for you,will check 2moro to see how you got on.
thanks folks!

I really should check my posts for typos before submitting! haha!

Well, I didn't do any of those things, and I still came in at 11.7.. I was 11.12 when I last saw her, so Im happy with that :)

..ok..VERY happy with that...

Right! Time to get serious again now, and get back into SS+ 100%...

Think it'll be fine so long as I really do think of ONE DAY AT A TIME.. and so long as I FOCUS ON WHAT I'M AIMING FOR.. I can see it - it's in my grasp now :)

Thank you for your support - I mean it.. it has been making this possible. x

Yes, well done on a loss. I used to take my watch off before I got weighed and had a wee at the last possible minute lol! Best of luck with restarting CD x

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