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I'm restarting Monday :( oops


Is determined!
I can't believe i haven't made my second week :cry:
So i'm restarting again on Monday!
I havent completly lost it, i'm low carbing/low calorie still, but i was finding it so tough this week!
I think the first week i was off work and was prepared in advance, but this week i was back at work (i'm a nanny) so not only was i preparing food for the kids at work, i was then coming home and cooking tea for my hubby and step daughters, as well as making weaning recipes for my baby, and feeding him.
I also had to make cakes as well:sigh:

Also its my TOTM which probably didnt help.

Anyway enough of the excuses lol

I'm so gutted though as i think if i could take food out of the equation completely i would've been fine, as i wasn't hungry and loving the shakes!

Is anyone else finding it hard to cook for others?

Well done everyone you're all doing so well!
I'm gonna give it another go!

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Hi Jesslima,

I am restarting as well, i did ok last week but felt poorly however i didnt have carbs at all. I had to take today off for my bday as hubby was getting grumpy n upset. I do find cooking difficult i must admit but i try and distract myself. i tell you what helps me, i focus on what i want rather than what i shouldnt do. In short, i would focus on how thin i am going to look and why i am doing this....rather than telling myself not to think about food or eating as the more you focus your energy on something you dont want to do the more you will want to do it.....lol
Sorry i know i am so crap at explaining!

good luck hun!



Is determined!
Thanks Suki,

I think that was explained very well lol, you are right, i spend too much time thinking about what i can't have, so i'm going to try and focus more on my goal!
Happy Birthday by the way! Hope you've had a great day!
Are you restarting Mon'd?


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Hello Jess and Suki

Good luck both of you for re-starts Monday. You can do it.


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hi, I am also restarting on Monday - best of luck and keep posting xx
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thanks yummumummy,

i am restarting today. i wont call it a restart ( because then i feel really bad..lol considering i didnt eat much i just had to eat protein because i was poorly).......but i guess in a way it is a restart...lol
Well all i want to do now is be 100% on it!

Good luck Jess and enn



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Good luck girls, just think how great we will feel in a couple of months time when the sun comes out (hopefully?????) and we don't have to think about what item of clothing is going to be the most flattering to our figures. I can't wait to be able to put on a pair of jeans and not worry about finding a decent shirt that I can wear to cover up my muffin top stomach and big bum!!
Good luck jess - look all i can say is please stick to it otherwise its such a waste of money hun and when you hit day 4, in ketosis and dropped loads of weight alrewady youl be so chuffed.

I know its hard to do when stressed and with kids about - ive got 2 myself and i tried in half term and couldnt do it - only when they went to school again i could.

Good luck


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Couldn't agree with you more - all of the restarts - we are all in the same boat.
I feel so crap today after a weekend of binging - that I didn't particularly enjoy as well, that I am determined - NO more this is the point of No return !!

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