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Im saying bye for now

im admiting it im a complete failure and feel like a fraud posting on here.

I keep doing the diet and slipping, and recently re-feeded so i could have some fun. i really wish id never.

Ive been avoiding the chemists as i had some a months worth of shakes left over from a friend who gave them to me.

I just weighed myself after avoiding the scales for a week and my weight has crept way back up by almost a stone and i cant seem to find the willpower to carry on.

I know a few of you have done this for weeks and weeks at a time with no cheating and you have my upmost respect and admiration. i hope in time i get to my goal but at the moment it looks less and less likely.

good luck everyone and thanks for your support!
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sorry to hear you won't be carrying on Kels, but best of luck with your goals, really really hope you get there soon. :wave_cry:

let us know how you get on huni xxx

hey ya. hun you're not a failure, the time just isnt right for you just yet.

There will come a point where you fell ready and in the right frame of mind to start/carry on with Lipotrim.

Best of luck. xx


Success leads to success
Hey Kels

Your not a failure hun, but as the ladies have said above perhaps you need some time to recuperate (sp?) and then come back to TFR when your good and ready. Youve done superb so far and dont you forget that. Let us know how you get on and dont be a stranger :) x
Don't think of yourself as a failure - think of it that you just haven't yet found the diet that suits you.

I'm sure all of us on the whole minimins forum have tried more than a few diets before we found one that worked. good luck!
Sorry to hear you're leaving.I must admit I'm finding it really hard after my 2 week refeed(I also put on a few pounds)Please don't think of yourself as a failure though,it's a BIG deal to toatally give up food for a couple of months(hat off to all those that don't seem to waiver)

I plan on joining the gym(sorry,re-joining lol)when I can afford it and I think that is when i will feel comfortable to eat again.

Well I don't know if you'll read this before you 'depart' and I've just realised you're from Teesside.I'm origionally from Marske by sea(don't know if you know it)anyway every time I go home I try to get a pattie from the chippie with scraps but no-one else knows what these are.Be careful on the old parmo front though,they're lethal :)

Best of luck xxxxx
ooo you were soo close. i live in redcar!

i havent had a parmo in a few months but they are so tempting.

where are you living now?

lol sorry seen your in jersey... do you ever go to the "little chip shop" near the arcades. they are the best fish and chips around here apart from whitby!
haha,my sisters live in Redcar.
I used to go to Marske chippy or Guisborough but I was home in June and we went to Magpies in Whitby mmmmmmm(no patties though)lolxx
my mouths watering at the thought. i love whitby fish and chips. shame i cant have them though!
Thats why I moved to Jersey(only joking)
Well I don't know if you're gonna carry on with this or not but you've just helped me get through the last half hour or so(thanks) so now I am off to have my final shake then soak in a nice hot bath.

Best of luck and hopefully speak again soon xxx
you too. and thanks everyone else for your kind words. its why i like this forum it so much everyone is so fab and full of support
-hug- I echo what everyone has said, You`re not a failure, You`re head just isn`t in the right place for this type of diet at the moment.

Don`t be a stranger



Positivity is the key
hi Kels,
sorry you feel you have to go but there is something out there for you which will work, it may just take some time to find it. Wishing you all the best in all you do.
take care.
You are NOT a failure!!!!! I sympathise with you as I was the same earlier this year, every week I would attempt to restart then broke the diet and put on more weight! It is one reason why I haven't had an official WI since I restarted this time, I am too ashamed to go back to the chemist until I at least weigh the same as the last time I was there and have been using shakes I had left over. It took me 3 months before I was finally able to get back into it and only coz I had the support and encouragement from everyone on here.

Give yourself a break then rethink in a couple of months when you maybe in the right mind to have another go or find another diet which suits you better.

Good luck hun and don't be a stranger on here.

WOMAN! Beating yourself up is only gonna keep you in that yo-yo vicious circle. I've started and fell off so many times I no longer know how many times. It's the timing that not right -not YOU! If you really want to do this, keep trying and one day it'll click. If you dont, respect yourself enough to know that it's a decision that you have made and that that's perfectly alright. Lipotrim is just one of many ways to lose weight and you WILL do it, your way!

I really wish you all the best.

lol thanks for that black rose!

i think i was under a really dark cloud yesterday and the diets been the last thing on my mind lately. im upbeat today and just taking everything at my own pace.

ill get there eventually :)
YOu absolutely will. Keep that positive mind set and you'll be fine! :D
I have found it really hard i dont know why first time was a walk in the park ever since iv found it so hard start and cant carry on oh gets anoid because he thinks im not seriouse i would say re start when you feel ready and focused xxx
ive got a secret motivation today too...things were bad with my oh and we split up for a while. we were engaged but not anymore....ive been hinting at a reproposal when i reach my ideal weight.

im getting a "we'll see" but i saw the little smirk on his face so i thinks he will :D

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