im seeing a pattern


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im seeing a pattern in what i eat! i always have mugshots or low fat noodles for lunch and for tea i have jacket spuds (3 times this week ahh) with beans and cheese!!!
will this affect me i love eating these haha!
but im worried it will affect my weightloss!
ive also drank loads more water but feel more bloated!!!
do you think its bad im eating the same foods?
i get weighed tomorrow
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If you are enjoying it and losing weight then stick with it. Beware though - you will start to get bored and that is where naughty ness jumps in.

Try looking through a mag for some more ideas to keep it exciting for you. xx


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Sometimes your body can get used to what you're eating if you eat the same things a lot. I'm a devil for making a bacon omelette, quick and easy you see. My consultant said there's nothing wrong with eating the same stuff like that, but just try and vary it now and then so that your body doesn't get too used to it and stop burning it off so efficiently. I would guess that as long as you're not eating the same thing EVERY day, you should be ok.


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I dont think it should have too much effect on your weightloss. I eat a lot of the same things, the only thing is that sometimes i get bored then go way off track.

Also my consultant says that if your weight starts to slow down then it can give you a boost by going back to basic foods for a while and cut out processed foods (like packets of pasta and sauce, mugshots etc) for a week or so to give your body a kick start.

Look at the good weight losses you have had over the weeks though, i think the proof is there that what you are doing is working x


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I can feel myself heading that way too, i think you get to know what you do and dont like.
I dont mind following recipes if they're simple and i got the ingredients in the cupboard, i think we need sum very simple recipes that dont invovle a million and one things to buy!
My fav is omelette too on a red day its bacon on a green day mushroom simple to make tastes yummy