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I'm shrinking!

Yay mummys here :)

May I be the first to welcome you in, pull up a pew and share your CD journey with us! Can you please add in your info so people can see how ridiculously well you've done too! Lost 3 stone since May folks :D So proud of you Mum x
Now we just need to get that little sister of mine (also on CD) over here, to complete the family weight loss brigade.
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A bit about me. I'm 55 and a teacher. I have 3 grownup children (one being Violet as mentioned earlier) and the most adorable grandson.
I've been messing about with diets for years but find that CD really suits me. I'd lost about a stone before starting the plan in the summer and since then I've lost almost 2 more stone. I can't believe how much better I feel already but I've still a good way to go. I'm sure I'll do it this time!
Hi Poppy Bear, welcome to minimins!

Well done on your loss so far, it's tough sometimes but I have to say this diet has been the best thing for me. Minimins has been an amazing source of inspiration and support and I've even made a few friends on here. One being your lovely violet, who has been a star at encouraging me along and very inspiring with her own success so far. I'm sure you'll find everyone on here as helpful and supportive.

My mum has also been doing CD for the last month. She is 53 and like you has been up and down with all sorts of diets over the years. So far she has lost a stone and a half! She beating me! Not that it is a competition of course. ;] It's wonderful when you have family doing the diet as well, they can be a wonderful source of strength. Best of luck going forwards, I'll keep checking by to see how you get on.

Sarah xxx
Thank you Xearrith, it's good to have support isn't it. You've done really well so far. I identify with the not enough water issue. Some days at work I'm fine and drink plenty (although the loos are in another building!) but other days I reach the end of the day and realise I've drunk very little. I then try to drink more at home in the evening and it doesn't enhance my night's sleep!
Keep up the good work! And your mum!
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hello poppy bear! Nice to get another teacher on here to commiserate with. well done on your weightloss so far - i'm also at the three stone mark - the only way from here is down!

and yes, thank you for your lovely girl, who has been so sweet and kind and supportive to me, and to others. You made a good one, there!
like you wouldn't believe... :D
Right, that's it!
(((GROUP HUG))) :)

Happy half term teacher types and
Thanks a lot lovely ladies xx
Thank you for the welcome Bettiesrevenge!
About another 4.5 stone to go. Weigh in with CDC this mooring so I can be more accurate. I'm going to write down what I've lost each week too so you can see my journey.
Very well done :)

you can add a signature by going into' user cp' from the top menu and then 'edit signature' from the side menu. You can add your statistics there too.
Just found the littlest bear asleep in my bed the cheeky thing! Xxx
Ok, look up there to the left, in the blue band with all the headers. There's a button called "user cp". Click on that. It handily takes you to a page with all the new posts on threads you've posted in, but also, in a bar down the left of the screen are some more buttons.

One is "edit signature" and if you click that it will take you to a box where you can type in your weightlosses. Also on that sidebar is "edit details" which if you like you can fill in with your height, start, current and goal weights, etc.

Edit - missed vi's post. Ho hum.
Went into Birmingham today and there just seem to be food outlets, cafes etc everywhere! I didn't weaken but they did make me realise how much I could pack away given the chance.
Bought a new dress for a wedding in a couple of weeks time and I'm over the moon it's an 18. Yippee!

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