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I'm so angry!


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I have been working so hard on LL. I get up every single weekday morning and am in the gym by 6:30. I work out for an hour. I have NEVER cheated. I drink 8-9 litres of water a day. I have lost plenty of weight. Gone from a tight size 24 to a size 18.

A woman at work asked me yesterday if i was pregnant because I look like I've gained weight. I acted like it was no big deal. Now she's just rang me and asked me "How's the baby?"

I am livid!

What gives people the right to make other people feel bad about how they look. I don't talk about myself at work. No one knows that I am on LL. I know I should not think about it but it's so hard not to. It's all I've thought about since it happened.
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send me her address I'll go and sort her out for you!!! Seriously though that is a disgrace and if I were you I would report her to HR.


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Hi Mandee

Geez I would be livid too. No more than that but lets not use that language on here :mad:
Maybe you should humour her and tell her the baby is fine, make sure you say it to her face where no one can hear you. You do then know of course that she is going to go and spread the rumour, then you can make her look like an numpty by denying it;)
I would be very very angry too, but get back at her.


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Hi Mandee,

A woman at work asked me yesterday if i was pregnant because I look like I've gained weight. I acted like it was no big deal. Now she's just rang me and asked me "How's the baby?"
This woman is deliberately winding you up and the fact she knows she is getting to you is why she is continuing with it, or else she needs her eyes examined!

You have lost almost four stone and this amount of weight is very noticeable and as you say you are a size 18 now down from a size 24!!!

My guess is that she is jealous as I would think you are looking very well and she now sees you as competition in her own head.

Best thing to do is to ignore her for she will keep at it if she knows she is getting reaction out of you.

Unfortunately some people just get a kick out of hurting other people, sad but true.

Love Mini xxx
Ohhhhhh I feel steam coming out of my ears the *****:mad:
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She's just jealous. After all you can do something about your weight but she's always going to be stupid!


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Some people are just horrid and are best ignored she must be so envyous of you and your achievements you have to pity her the *****!!!
That is just terrible feel really angry on your behalf. She is probably jealous that you have lost sooo much weight (well done on that:)) and that very soon you will look so much better than her.

Just think of the day when you can walk into work and everyone else will be commenting on how great you look, she will be spitting feathers!


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hope you feeling better Mandee, as the other girls have said it will be pure envy that is driving her to be so cruel, rise above it and ignore it girl, you'll be looking fab now, and even more fab soon! Wish I could be as dedicated as you going to the gym every day!


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Hi Mandee I agree with what the others say. She is just extremely jealous!!! She has obviously noticed your weight loss and wants to sabotage you. Some people are just like that - they can't stand to see someone they know "change" especially when they can't themselves. Try and use this as a positive and make her even more jealous by carrying on with LL!! Well done you for such a great loss!!

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Sarcy cow! Mandee - I hope you will confront her about this. She is bang out of order and trying to wind you up by the sound of it.

What does she look like - is she heavy and jealous - or is she thin and feeing threatened?

Myself, I would corner her at work and ask her what her problem is....but thats just me. Don't let her get away with it though....and don;t you for a second take to heart what she has said......its rubbish. You kow that.

Sod her.

I pity the fool!

I could go round there and break her legs for you!

but seriously, I'm pretty sure it's pure jealousy and as others have said you can lose weight but she'll always be a spiteful, silly cow!
Who cares what she thinks - stuff her.

Next time she does it, feign deafness.

Her - how's your baby
You - pardon
Her - how's your baby
you - pardon
Her - how's your baby
You - I've lost weight not my marbles you plank. (or other more explicit words ;))

And if she still carries on just tell her to go and buy some wood, build a bridge and get over it. :p :D


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To be honest I would ignore - I seriously wouldn't give her the satisfaction of letting her know she'd bothered me in the slightest. She is jealous and she's trying to hurt you/put you off and don't you let her do either.

I'd just smile/laugh everytime she says anything and then when your other colleagues start saying things about you losing weight just laugh and say "it's funny but ?????? has asked me a few times am I pregnant" - they'll all then realise what a ***** she's being.


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Mandee, I'm sure it's just a wind-up... whether because she's jealous or not. I'm sure she's just waiting for you to burst out laughing at the 'joke'. If it is a wind-up, the best thing you can do is just laugh it away in front of her - if she's saying that maliciously, your laughing at it will shut her up as she'll see she can't hurt you. Or you could always return the favour with some comment about her weight or - worse - how she's aged badly... :D

But most importantly... you've achieved an amazing result as it is - be sure and proud of your own success, no matter what others say. The world can say what they want, but ultimately your determination to get where you are is all that counts. Well done, Mandee - you're a winner!!! :happy096:



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I will say one thing though this post has made me laugh like mad. I have never heard the expression spitting feathers that had me giggling to myself and then Mrspunt your post made me nearly spit my soup onto my keyboard :rotflmao:


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Ooops see I was laughing so much I forgot to finish my post.
Mandee I hope you will walk tall and maybe give a knowing little smile everytime you see her. Make her wonder what you are thinking ;)

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