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I'm so ashamed


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Have been sticking to plan and seeing no results for a while now :sigh:. Yesterday I went to work in the morning but was home by lunch so still managed to keep to my fishy week, but, after dinner, last night I totally binged :cry: I have no idea how many syns I had 'cos I daren't work it out, it was alcohol, choolate and biscuits, why do I do this to myself???
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couldnt not post. I really think we just have to accept that life does go on, on this "diet" and realise there are days where we can't possibly eat 100% SW, please dont feel ashamed, just move on. Get back on the SW way and am sure you won't have done too much damage, and if you have its done theres nothing you can really do, just accept it and feel positive that this time you are doing something about it! I know when I was at my heaviest a binge was much huger and I didnt get back onto any "diet" so thats how I got heavier and heavier. I have had 2 full days of not being able to count my syns (alcohol and rubbish food) I try not to feel negative about what I have eaten and try not to punish myself too much, and accept thats what I needed at the time and least I am realising what I have eaten and back onto SW.


Helen xxxx


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thanks Suplizi


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I agree, yesterday has gone and today is a new day.

Do you go to class? Have you discussed with your C why things haven't been going to plan?

If not, do you post an online food diary we could have a look at? Do you drink enough water? What plan are you doing?
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aww hun ((( )) you must feel rubbish about not losing so no wonder you said f** it and had a binge but thats ok hun you needed to get it out your system draw a line under it and start again maybe we can help you.
do you have a food diary? if so can you post us a link if not start doing one write every little bit of food you eat down icluding and you nibble on while cooking or pinch from some one else and lets see if we can help you hun before you go down the nasty road to giving up

scrap that i've just seen your link to your diary


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S: 11st8lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I agree, yesterday has gone and today is a new day.

Do you go to class? Have you discussed with your C why things haven't been going to plan?

If not, do you post an online food diary we could have a look at? Do you drink enough water? What plan are you doing?
Yes have spoken to C who is also confused as to why its not shifting, was doing EE in the first few weeks but nothing was happening, moved to red/green and things started to develop but then after holiday and a 4.5lb gain its all fell apart again. I'm supposed to be having a fishy week this week so am trying to EE plan again. my diary link is on my signature. I've only jsut started it and would really appreciate comments

Mrs V

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I have commented on your food diary page Hun.



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Mate- we have ALL been there

Just remember that you cannot change a lifetime worth of food issues in a short space of time. Just concentrate on being on-plan 99% of the time. Every now and again we all fall off the wagon- what is important is what you do next. Get straight back on it or allow your temporary blip to blight your entire journey.

This is not an instant cure- learn to accept that and move on- just know that we are all with you and all understand



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I totally agree with the previous comments - before SW it wouldn't have been one evening off track, it would probably have been all the time without a second thought. You still made loads of better choices during the day that would make such a difference to your health. Try to draw a line under it - today is a new day. Celebrate the fact that you want things to be different, but there is no need to feel ashamed when not 100%. Perfection doesn't exist!
Sending hugs x


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It's sometimes useful to look at your habits and patterns and identify where your weaknesses are! It sounds like you start the day with very good intentions and that your evenings are your trigger points to overindulge and pick at things (probably where most of us trip up). Are you eating enough free/superfree foods at mealtimes to satisfy you? Are you doing these things because you're actually hungry, or for other reasons such as boredom, loneliness etc etc? If it's comfort eating, could you perhaps try and find distractions to keep you away from the kitchen? Or if you truly are still peckish, have a nice syn free or low syn snack! And if you have enough syns in the bank, have a curly wurly or that glass of wine if that's what you really feel you desire!! Just remember you're perfectly normal, it does take time to change years of habits and the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up and carry guilt around with you, because that leads to more unhealthy behaviour!! XXXXXX


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Firstly STOP!
Your diet won't fail because you had an off day. EVERYONE, no matter how much they want to be slim will have those days where, despite the best of intentions, you go off the rails and have things you feel you shouldn't. The difference between the odd day ruining your weight loss efforts or just being a blip, is YOU! So you fell off the healthy eating wagon for an evening......its just one evening. If you beat yourself up about it you'll be more and more inclined to believe that you can't do it, that you can't stick to it, and so therefore whats the point - you give up, you have day after day of eating junk and before you know it you're ballooning up and wondering what the hell happened.
DRAW A LINE - You had an evening where you enjoyed chocolate, crisps, wine.........and so you should have enjoyed it - DON'T feel ashamed or guilty. Say to yourself that it doesn't matter and get back to the healthy stuff. If you continue to allow yourself to feel bad and deflated about it, it won't just be a blip.

As for the fact that you've been sticking to plan and the weight isn't shifting. I find if i have too many green days or too many carbs my weight loss slows down or stops entirely - so maybe a few more reds may help? Also drink LOADS of water.

Anyway hun, we're all here for you. It was a blip - nothing more. And although you may not be losing the pounds think how much healthier you are eating all the fruit and veg, how much less of a strain you're putting on your body, how much better your skin looks......there are so many more positives to this eating habit than 'just' the weight loss. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I agree with what everyone else said... try to draw a line under it. Today is a new day :)


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Thank you all sooooo much for the comments, I have managed not to let it take over any more today. I've got stuck in and really though about what the issue was last night and I think I now know. I really do need to look at getting some low syn choccie treats in as I do seem to crave them when eating healthy although I don't usually bother. My OH is a real chocoholic so I always have loads of choc in the house, but as I said, never normally bothers me, as I can (usually) take it or leave it. Biscuits are now in the bin. 7 syns each :grumble: yowza... weigh ins not till Thursday so I'll see what the rest of the week brings :eek:


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Well done for getting back on track! If you have a real craving for things like chocolate (I certainly do) - try and fit something into your syns for every day - it should be something that you enjoy and can look forward to having! For me, it's a mini milk, but everyone's different!

I notice you don't have much to lose - I was very similar to you and unfortunately it didn't come off fast, but I got there in the end and so will you!

I'll pop over and have a look at your food diary now too :)

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