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Im so bored of this! What do others do?

I'm finding this ridiculously easy - mostly due to the fact that I had a terrible tummy bug the day before I started which I believe was a gift in disguise as my carb stores were cleared out and I didn't want food and was on ketosis by day 2.

I did lipotrim for a planned 3 weeks only last year and found it absolute hell, didn't hit ketosis til day 8, felt very very depressed, tired, dizzy, starving and sick. Would spend hours each day counting down how many days etc I had left.

Because of my experience I was really apprehensive about starting another vlcd but its been great - not even slightly hungry, loads of energy and on a positive mood (I do miss food obviously - the habit and the social aspects)

The only thing is I am SO bored!! It's desperate! I'm waiting for this to be over so I can live a bit. I am in absolute awe of the long timers cos there's no way u could...
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I wonder if you mean bored of shakes/bars... or just bored (twiddling fingers at meal times kinda thing) ;)

Me -I've been saving up all the rubbish jobs for ages: accounts, paperwork, cleaning kids bedrooms etc. I know from previous attempts at VLCDs that I get loads of energy - so have been keeping a backlog of stuff to do for quite a while :D

Shakes do become tedious - mix with coffee, have them hot (just discovered hot vanilla = yummy!). Also from CDSS, I've added psyllium husks to make a porridge that you can eat with a spoon :eek:

I read a post a while ago about thinking of it like medicine... make me better and healthier... this helps my "head" enormously.

Stick with it ... it works - and as you said, you've found it so much easier than LPT.
I know what you mean , I did lipotrim too and found it harder than exante , I am sure that those extra calories that exante has makes all the difference and my losses seem to be better too :)

I get bored too , but find it easier now I have soups and bars , seems more exciting ( haha ) to be eating something hot with a spoon than drinking it !!! After my experience with LT and CD soups I didnt think I would like them , but they are yummy :)
I just look at it like "medicine" - got to take 3 times a day to make me look BETTER and feel BETTER ;)

Think of the money you are saving by not eating, and all the lovely new clothes you can buy yourself as a treat for your hard work. How about booking yourself in for beauty treatments, or take up a new activity/hobby? I find doing all these things helps me to stay focussed and I don't feel as deprived by not indulging in food treats :)
It's amazing how much of your life revolves around food. I find I have alot of spare time now that i'm not sitting down eating. When bored I tend to log on to help me carry on.
I find it boring too because it feels like I am having the same thing day in and day out no matter what the flavour is lol but hey I would rather be bored and looking fab :D
i got fed up too knowing i can only have the same thing every day - but then i started thinking, well when im eating rubbish i end up having the same thing over and over ie, crisps chocolate chips etc.
LASHES30 said:
i got fed up too knowing i can only have the same thing every day - but then i started thinking, well when im eating rubbish i end up having the same thing over and over ie, crisps chocolate chips etc.
Very true at least this bored comes with an improved waistline lol
I think we just dont realise what a massive part food/drink plays in our lives.
My OH has decided to give up drinking for the month and last night we were just sat there going, 'How dull are Saturday nights without a glass of wine and some nice nibbles'!

I realised today how much I liked do stitching and craft things like that when i was younger so im off to Hobbycraft to pick up something to keep me occupied and off this computer! :D


Gotta Make A Change
Usually if bored, i just get my favourite box set or books and just sit and get on with it, without thinking of anything else to much, just the WL

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