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I'm so cold....

I'm so cold.. I'm sat in a long-sleeve jumper and one of my colleagues is walking round in a linen sleeveless top.. she makes me feel cold just looking at her :(

I've just finished probably my 7th mug of hot water with berry flavouring but am struggling to down my first litre of cold.:(

I'm sat with an electric heater under my desk on my feet - which I add are in socks and boots.

I'm presuming it's the diet....
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Queen of the Damned
It's an excellent sign - it means your body has nothing spare to heat you up. You're fat burning baby!! :cool:
Blimey I suppose it's good news then.. I can bear it if I know it's a good sign..


Queen of the Damned
Blimey I suppose it's good news then.. I can bear it if I know it's a good sign..
Exactly!! The last time I did a major run of CD, I ended up buying and wearing thermal underwear through the summer!! :p
Might suggest to CD that they do a line in thermal underwear and sell them on their website... would make a mint.


Queen of the Damned
PMSL!!! I found a fab seller on ebay that sold M&S thermal blokes tops - they were nice enough to wear with jeans as a normal top, and lovely and toasty!! :cool:


Silver Member
As someone that would always wear summer clothes all through the winter and has never owened a winter coat,
I am sitting here with the heating on wearing jogging bottoms,a fleecy top and socks.
On my chrissy list is a long winter coat but think I will need it before then,and thermal underwear will be a must.
The only good thing about fat is that it kept me warm!!!!!!!
But would rather be slim and cold.


Staff member
I find layers of clothes good to wear as if you do happen to heat up you can remove one at a time.

Not too bad during the day...I do have the heating on and the husband had to turn it off to eat his lunch as he was baking:rolleyes:

Night time gets me:( At the moment still managing with one hot water bottle.

I Know when it is hot in the bedroom as the dog will have her four paws up in the air and the husband is hanging off the side of the bed naked.:D
We use an electric blanket at night - we're only in our early 30s lol, but I'm so cold and just be having it on for the first half hour it seems to warm my bones through. I see that you can buy them now with half-and-half controls, so you could have your side up high and hubby's low! Just a suggestion, may prove useful at some times (and there's nothing nicer than getting into a toastie bed!) xx


Queen of the Damned
We've got one of those and they are fab!!! :cool:


Thin People Only
do some people feel the cold more than others?


Queen of the Damned
I think so yes. Some people don't get that keto-cold, same as some people don't get that keto-high :rolleyes:
Im on with the thermal shop now dq!!!

Wheat bags are fab for bed, i have 3 on the go!

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