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Im now onto day 7. And have to say im feeling totally crap.

I just feel a total and utter failure.

I started on Monday and have to say the first four days were ****. Headache, shakes feeling sick and throat infection. Great.

Now yesterday had a blip, and ate some choccies, and a few other bits. Felt very fat and as if I hadnt lost weight yesterday - didnt get weighed as that would have made things worse if I hadnt lost.

Today IM just feeling crap. Everyone else seems to be so positive.

Honest views. Did anyone else have little bits of chicken or anything to eat. Am I just not good enough to do this diet. Everyone says it gets easier, so why am I struggling.

Going to be fat forever.!!!:cry:
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You've gotta stop focussing on the mistake and CHOOSE to look ahead and concentrate on getting slim and staying slim.

You can't undo the past but you can be the author of your future.



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A big, VERY big, key to this diet is your mental strength and the belief in the diet. We all know that it works if we give it a chance. Unfortunately some of us just seem to have a tougher time of it than others, and as a result we find it that much harder to stick to it.

You need to stay positive, about yourself, about your achievement, and about the diet. Some people just cannot do SS, no matter how hard they try. Those people find it easier to stick to the 790 plan, and many have said that their losses are almost as good as on SS.

Maybe you should try the 790 for a while and see how you get on with that. Maybe you will be better suited with a little food each day?

You will not be fat forever - try 790, or even 1000 .... you will still lose weight, just a little bit slower.

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Don't be so hard on yourself you are not a failure, negative thoughts won't help. The first week or so is the hardest. To be honest i'm feeling pretty crap at the moment but i so want to get to my goal so badly that's what is keeping me going.

As cah-ching said 'You can't undo the past but you can be the author of your future'

Good luck remember we're all here to support each other....xxx


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Good advice already posted here Joolz... you're not a failure because you're still trying.. forget the "blips" and focus on the good days.. none of us is perfect and life does get in the way sometimes.
Trying the 790/1000 or even the higher plans for a while, as Steve has already said, may be the best route for you right now.

Wishing you loads of luck:)



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aww Jools, dont be hard on yourself hun. The first week or so is always the hardest. I had to have extra packs two days this week, and although I havent had any food, I have looked several times in the fridge thinking a bit of ham or cheese wont hurt me.

This diet is so so hard, but the results are so worth it. You really need to try your hardest to get through a week without any cheats and then you will be flying. Even if it means going to bed at 8pm so you dont eat.

Once you are in the full swing of the diet you will feel fantastic. Dont give up hun. xxxx
Thanks for the replies. It helps to think people actually read your posts and care.

Sometimes life is very lonely, when all your family members can eat what they want and it doesnt alter there weight.

Anyway any advice of what the 790 plan is or where I can get info. I see my CDC on Tuesday so could ask her.x:)


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Hi Jools, only just read your post, a lot of very good advice there, Chat with your cdc about 790 and maybe after a bit of body training you could try ssing again but then again I've seen people with great losses on 790.

Diets are such a personal thing some manage with ease other struggle terribly but in the end you will get there if you couldn't do it you wouldn't be on here, you'd have run and hidden, You'll crack it no problem xx


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Hi Jools! I did 2 weeks of SS and I found it too hard in the end (I have 2 kids and a hubby to cook for). It made me utterly miserable and I decided rather than give up (which i felt like doing) I moved, nervously, to 790. I had a shake for breakfast, soup/shake for lunch, then a protein option (but jazzed up like chicken tikka, cajun salmon etc) then when the kids in bed i'd have a bar and a coffee. I can honestly say in my experience it was easy. They say the bars only come into the diet after wk2 but I can't see no reason why you couldn't go on it and have them straightaway. As soon as I started 790 I came out of ketosis and never went back in, the reduction of calories is what matters. I now feel in control and have a method that works. SS is not for everyone and respect to those that do it but some of us struggle. What you must do is stop the feeling of failure, thats a slippery slope, take control and call your counsellor, be assertive and follow your instinct with what feels right for you. My sister did SS the same time as I did 790 and I'm still 6 pounds infront of her! So don't give up on cambridge, just change the plan.

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I've never 'cheated' whilst SS (with LL) but when I HAVE struggled I have had an extra half-pack. Usually half a bar made into biscuits or a creamy 'coffee' with half a vanilla pack. I've never touched food, because I know that for me this would be a slippery slope. However, I'm now into losing my last stone, everyone is saying I'm slim enough now, and I have set my food-return date as 9th February. I do sometimes get little thoughts about replacing one pack with a meal, but then I remember my commitment so far and (luckily) I only have less than a month left anyway.

Keep strong on SS and do it 100% OR move onto one of the other plans. You need to do what is best for you, and choose a plan that will help you succeed rather than help you to 'fail'.


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Even though you had a blip please dont give up and feel like you have failed. regardless of how many times you cheat you just have to start again the next day. I have cheated a few times, I did feel dissapointed with myself but I knew that i could do it and that i must keep going. You do have days when you feel like giving up, and days where you barely even think about eating. I think its nice to give yourself goals and maybe even let you having rewards after a certain amount of time. I think the hardest thing is when you realise that you wont be able to eat for so many months. I have given myself a goal to not eat anything until valentines, when my partner has booked a fancy restaurant. This way i have something to look forward to in a month. You can even reward youself without kicking yourself out of ketosis, like go for an indian meal and just have a mixed grill and salad :)

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