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peeps im so fed up today and very tired i think im going to bed when the kids do at 7 pm hopefully ill feel better tomorrow, havin cheated last week i feel like its a restart again the hunger pains the constantly thinking about food i h8 it :mad: ive just got a whole hate thingy going on today :(
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Getting there!!!
dont worry love, it will pass...just keep really really busy! read a mag or have a bath it will cheer u up!!
I can totally understand how you feel today Monique cause Im a bit like that myself today whereas yesterday I was on top of the world ,no hunger pangs , nearly forgot to have my last soup. Its been that way with me from the start, up and down (As people here will tell you). But I have copped on that its usually a temporary "Down" and I always feel better the next day (A day closer to WI)I put a lot of it down to hormones (TOTM today) (21 day cycle -poor me) and we allways had these ups and downs but masked them with food . now I am trying to learn to cheer myself up with positive thoughts and not torturing myself with "I want to eat that" . I cant do this etc. I try and think of the new evening dress I am going to wear to see my husbands new work buddies and bosses next month (I always dreaded occasions ) Now looking forward to it. I wont feel like the "Fat" wife


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I know how you feel. Just got home from work, had a shake this morning for breakfast and nothing since, it should be time for my soup, but i know if i have it, the hunger pangs will start and i will spend the rest of the evening mooching around being tempted by food. Keep going though you are doing well. How about browsing on the net for that special dress or do you have it already??


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the hungry feeling should stop at about the 10 day mark, it did with me last time i did lipo - i am on my 6th day now so still got the tummy rumbles.

i embrace the feeling to be honest, if i feel hungry then my bod is working overtime to find the energy from somewhere - so its working!!! Try to flick the switch in ur head like i do...tis a good thing, and every day ur nearer to the lipo stage of 'food.....who needs it?!'

Stay strong - stay very very strong, go have a bubble bath after the kids are in bed....and repeat after me...

'i deserve to be slim, i want it more than anything, i am going to be as beautiful on the outside as i am on the inside, these hunger pangs are a sign it is working...'

put ur days into 3 shakes [not hours and minutes] once you have had ur last shake, thats another day over, go to bed with a smug grin on ur face knowing u have made it...you can do this, you can. I promise you [hand on heart] you feel effing fab tomorrow, everybody has a 'i cant do this' day, this is urs. Tomorrow u will wake up with a grin thinking 'feck you hunger pangs, nothing can stop me.

ok....pep talk over



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Hey, hang in there. How far along are you? (sorry, brain is full of shakes and water!!) I have been ok for the past couple of days, and you know how whingy I have been!!! Keep your chin up, 'think thin', and do not give in, think how bad u felt last week, the further along u get the easy it will be. How long did u go last time without food? Make it your goal to go even further, then even further, abit further, before u know it, you will be at target weight, take each day at a time, and u will get through , a happier, healthy person.


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ahhh :hug99:

monique - the hunger will pass - couple more days and you will start to feel great again :)


Here we go again!
Keep your chin up and your goals in mind. You know it gets easier any day now. You can do this, we all believe in you. Keep going and get to that goal of yours!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hope your ok chick!! havent heard from you in a while


Have an early night and hopefully you will feel better xxx

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