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I'm so hungry :(


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How have you all done so well? I'm on day 5 and thought I should be bouncing around the house with extra energy and be feeling no hunger today, it's so much worse than day 3 and 4. I've just made my OH and son a big batch of foods so I don't have to face cooking every night, but it's all so tempting. The thought of just shakes for the next few weeks is so miserable.

How have you done it?

*Rumble rumble*

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If I feel hungry I have a cup of hot water by the time I have drank it the hunger has usually gone, I find the hot water works best for me......!
Be strong ...it will pass and then you will be buzzing.
day 3 was soooo easy for me!

Day 5 was my killer! i struggled!

Dont worry, i am on day 9 and it does get so much better

i lost 10llbs the fist week, keep doing it!

its amazing!
Just checked my journal.
Day 1-3 fainting, starvig, horrendous!
Day 4 a little better but still hungry
Day 5 felt like I had the flu, generally rotten
Day 6 and 7 feel brighter but hungry if i leave it too long between packs

Week 2: Much easier an not hungry much.

I'm now on Week 5. It's my AAM week but I dont really want food. Manage on just water all day and about 5pm I suddenly realise I haven't had a pack and I then have to somehow fit four in!

So don't worry it really does get better :)
Aw poor you hun!

It does get better i promise and the rewards are tremendous - better than you can ever ever ever imagine!!

For me it was two weeks before i got that well being sensation - and it was well worth waiting for.

And to see yourself transform in front of the mirror is worth a million times more than any food!! Trust me!!

I would have paid tens of thousands of pounds if someone told me they could make me a size 10. And lo and behold i did it for a fraction of that!!! A bit of willpower is all it took.

I feel like i've won the lottery after losing 6 stone plus. It's changed my life beyond belief.

This "slight" hunger will not kill you. It won't even hurt you. You'll just find it uncomfortable for a little while.

Stick with it.... a new you is waiting just around the corner... you really will feel like a million dollars when you get to goal...

Good luck...


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You poor thing, just try and stay away from the kitchen. Its so difficult but think if the results - it will all be worth it then! Could you go out to take your mind off it or something?


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Thank you all so so much. I have been seriously considering going back to slimming world, but you've reminded me this is only temporary.

sonkie: I'll definitely give that a go. I'll get the kettle on as soon as i've finished here :)

Karen - WOW! 6 stone off is amazing! I would love to achieve that. Thans for your support, you're 100% right. The results will be so worth feeling a bit hungry :D

Debs & very_determind_this_time: So pleased I'm not the only one who wasn't feeling over food by day 5!

Chika: You are right, the kitchen needs to be off bounds at the mo! Everytime I open the fridge things are calling me - Need to stay away!! I've got 2 babies here, so bit stuck at mo, but think i'll have a long bath to get away from food.

Thank you again so much., I think you've rescued me from giving up!!

Huge thanks :)



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Yay! Thats fighting talk. Enjoy your bath and pamper yourself. Because you're worth it and all that! :)

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