im so pissed off with myself!!


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me and OH and the kids went upto yorkshire to see the inlaws this weekend. Anyway it was OHs nephews bday, and we all had to go out for a meal!! I was going to have a shake, but forsome reason i felt pushed into having something to eat!! So i had a carvary but only had abit of turkey, stuffing, half a yorkshire pudding, and sweetcorn and gravey, i honestly ate half of it i couldnt eat much i was stuffed and it wasnt very nice... then i had a pudding!!

Anyway im back on 100% ss, i feel sick and i could cry im so peed off with myself!! iv made OH promise for him to not let me eat again! i didnt enjoy it at all...

I was back in ketosis last night though, aparntly my "stinky breath was back" at about 9ish last night.. is that normal?
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Aw hun dont panic and get upset about it... the past is the past start a fresh :D You are doing so well hun. I know how you feel about wanting to cry when you have broke the diet but all the lovely people on here made me understand thats its not the end of my diet and we can all get there! Chin up hun xxx


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thanks =] i weighed myself and put on half a lb, but im back on 100% today, im not hungry or anything just like iv been on it and not cheated


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I did the same a week ago i had pizza and it took me all week to get back into ketosis and i have only lost a pound this week but i'm glad as i won't do it again!
As i always say we are only human, we all make mistakes, move on and learn from it, hope you feel better about it now.


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awwww, i agree we are all huma after all, dont worry to much about it, start again:)
i went out for a carvery a few weeks ago i didnt eat much either
I had 2 types of meat potatoes veg yorkshire stuffing and gravy but no pudding, i didnt gain but did come out of ketosis,
Dont worry bout it, today/tomorrows another day


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It happens to all of us - we are only humans!

Draw the line under it and start afresh today.
Don't see much damage if you'd get straight back to 100%.

Good luck hun x


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I agree with what others have said, we have ALL been there before. Best thing you can do now is just really not worry about it and jump straight back on the wagon! Just use this time as a learning curve, remember how you feel now and hopefully next time you'll realise that you just don't think it's worth it. Just draw a line and move on though hun, you're doing realy well, don't let this get you down! x