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I'm so scared - Updated, I'm home!


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I'm going for my steroid injection into my spine this afternoon, I'm on the verge of tears I'm so scared.


Well I was finally allowed home at 8 this evening. The procedure wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be. but was still 'traumatic' for me
I couldn't move my legs for ages, the registrar was a bit concerned, so wouldn't let me home until I could weight bear. The injection for my sciatic nerve was the worst bit, the pain was pretty bad, and I though my calf was going to explode
. After that there was plenty of tugging and x-ray taking. The poor nurse that was with me had her hand squeezed to death! Not only did I yelp like a wounded dog, I also snorted like an excited pig during one particular painful part, much to my embarassment. However I am now home, with 3 holes in my back which also looks like I've been sunbathing thanks to the betadine disinfectant fluid!

Thank you all for your good wishes
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oh hun! why are you having that? don't worry you'll be fine! injections arn't for ever and it will be over before you know it! xxx


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(((hugs))) wsihing you luck & hoping it all goes ok x


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:hug99: Try not to think about it too much hon...it will be over in a matter of seconds and will do you the world of good in the long run.


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oh hun! why are you having that? don't worry you'll be fine! injections arn't for ever and it will be over before you know it! xxx
I've got a slipped disc, which they 'think' has got a small tear in it too, so I need the steroid to strengthen it.

Thanks all. I'm first on the afternoon theatre list, so I'll be wheeled to theatre about half one, so think of me!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
oh thats not good! well hopefully you'll feel better after it! just try not to think of it too much and know it will be over before you know it xx
awe hun, i am sure it wil al go ok, please try not to worry about it, go there with an open mind, think positive..

sending you lots of hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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A friend of mine had the same thing done and she was fine, They will numbe the area before the injection so you wont be in any pain, If your really tense going in they may give you a seditive to relax you as you need to keep still. This is a common procedure so dont worry you'll be fine. Let us know how you get on
Aw big hugs, best of luck with the procedure :) Hope it helps strengthen your back


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Thinking of you, Ruth. Hope all went well.


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Thanks everyone, you're all so lovely!


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Thanks Annie


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Thanks skyemagic. I'm actually feeling rather crap to be honest. I'm very tender near one of the bone injection sites, just wish I could be normal again!

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