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I'm so upset :(


Making it all add up
Blimey Andy, it's bad news week - must be the weather!

You know you'll rise above it and anger will pass. Just giving you my support through cyber space.
how are you feeling now?
hope you are ok
daisy x


Surgically happy.
Thanks everyone.

I'm ok. I think the upset was because I felt attacked (can't really go into this as it would mean explaining things I can't due to being a mod on the forum and confidentiality). But also because I am havign an emotional time with RTM (end of week 3 tonight), and my upcoming op/worry over getting things straight for if things go wrong).
Hi Andy

Nothing will go wrong. :) You are going to be fine. :)

Sorry you had such a rough go on the other forum. Forums can be difficult places. This is by far the nicest forum I have EVER been on....It astounds me that over a year and there has not beeon one flame war!

Don't take it to heart - I hope nothing was said on a personal level. Not knowing, I can only say you are just at the end of someones keuyboard, and often times keyboards are just used for venting and letting go, and people don;t always realise or remember there is a living breathing person at theo ther end.

Hope you are feeling better now. but do try not to worry about your surgery - its very common what you are doing, they will take good care of you. AND, you might get pampered bys ome cute nurses too!! :D



I Can Do This!
Andy, at times of stress I sometimes find myself taking offence at statements that I wouldn't normally bat an eyelid about, and that are really only delivered in innocence.

Could you be being a bit more sensitive than normal? It would be completely understandable with everything else you are dealing with at this time.

If this isn't the case then I hope it will blow over soon. These things always do and if the forum is important to you then hang in there. :hug99:


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Forums can indeed by funny places. Amazing how just one comment in cyberspace can make you almost a hate target. I agree with BL that this forum is the nicest I've ever found. Andy - hope you're OK today? Being a mod must be tough as you've got to make decisions on the forum, rather than just acting as a contributor. Don't let bullies sabotage all your hard work xx


Surgically happy.
Thanks everyone - I'm better today. It's blown over and I'm no longer upset. I'd say more but I can't really talk about it here - there are several members of the forum here on minimins and while I completely trust them, it just isn't something I can discuss publically, in case it reflects on the mod team.

I had another gallstone attack this morning - one of the worst I've had, and the longets by far (the initial attack took 3 hours but I spent the next 3 hours with it coming and going if I wasn't careful moving about or taking too big a mouthful of a drink.

Too much information follows:

I don't know why, but vomiting helps a lot. When the pain became excrutiating again, I drank 5 glasses of water, which immediately brought the pain back down to a manageable level (after I had vomited). It5's not like there was really anything but water coming back (I suspect bile?).

Anyway, I now have to be very careful so as not to trigger it all off again and hopefully no more before I hadit removed on the 21st.


Is back in the saddle!
Ooo Andy that sounds terrrible! You be careful you don't burn your throat being sick like that. Sounds like the op is going to be a huge step forward!!


Surgically happy.
Thanks folks - I'm better this morning (pain finallly went away around midnight, so I had some sort of pain for 18 hours - I know I SHOULD have gone to hospital but the pain was manageable for the last 14 or so hours).

Foxtrot, it was largely just water - I think it just relieves pressure - I'd have got there in the end - the water just made it quicker and probably smoother!

Lovely to see you're still here, KW xxx
Andy - good to hear the pain has finally gone. Sounds terrible. I wish you success in your operation on the 21st. I hate to think of anyone suffering. :hug99:

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