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Im so weak.....


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Why do I do this to myself every time?
Im on star week, and although I had felt no cravings so far, we went to my mums tonight with the whole family and we had a chinese takeaway....
I ordered a chicken omelette and beansprouts like I had planned... and there were chips ordered, (we had the same sort of night last week too, and there were chips there and I didnt even have one)... but it must be because its star week, and I thought I would just have one.... stupid cow.... before I knew it I had eaten approx 10-12 of them. I cant even say for sure that I had a craving or not....
Im feeling REALLY bad now, Im angry with myself and my stomach hurts (not used to the grease anymore I guess).......
what the hell is wrong with me.????
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Er...you're human! That's all! Don't get upset hun...it is just dangerous and leads potentially to more eating.

You've had the chips. Doesn't matter. Cut back on your other syns for the rest of the week. It's only 10-12 of them, you can claim those back no worries.

Draw that line and keep going...


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227g of chippy chips are 27 on red and 17.5 on green, and if you only had 10-12 you can half that easily. Don't stress about it hun, mark it as a flexi-syn day and draw a line under it. Sending you hugs and good vibes :hug99: :vibes:


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Debby, don't worry to much about it, I do the same it's in my mouth before I even realise it.....forget it now and face a new day tomorrow, if you cut back a little bit on your syns those chips won't even make their mark, so just relax and have a good night's sleep. X


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Hi Debby... fellow norn ironer here! ;) I have the same weakness for delicious chips. My favourite meal is good old fish, chips and mushy peas from my local. A relative owns the place, to make matters worse, and it's so depressingly good! I find if takeaway chips are around me, there's no way I can resist - I will eat them and I will eat them all. So I actually admire you for limiting yourself to around 12. Not the end of the world at all, and look at it this way - live and learn, next time you'll be aware of how crappy you felt after you indulged, and you'll probably not do it again. What I try to do (with varying levels of success) when I'm around family and we're having a takeaway, is stick a few oven chips on so I have absolutely no excuses for pilfering the greasy ones. Even then, I still usually nick a handful!

But hey, not like you have a takeaway every night, is it? It's a bit of a treat all round so just regard it as that and enjoy the family time, and stay on track on regular days. No need to feel guilty! :)


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Awe thanks everyone....
In the cold light of day Im a bit more calm about it all...
I guess I just panicked because I just could NOT believe that I did it...
so, for the next few days its minimal syns for me (I dont really use a lot anyway)....
so thank you all, you are all fantastic...
I couldnt live without this forum honestly...
MWAH to you all....
:grouphugg: :talk017:


Slow but sure....
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Morning Debby, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better about it today - today is a new day and you will do well...

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