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Hi , day 3 today and the worst yet, I cant stop thinkin about food and am really noticing all the smells etc, been fine up till now but finding it hard today. I know I will stick with it but it seems such a long road ahead and nothing seems as much fun without food and drink, but thats what got me here I suppose ! Dreading the weekend also, had to turn bbq invite down as cant face going there with a shake. One good thing is the shakes are tasting better, managing better with those. I must think thin thoughts !!
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hi cezza im also on day 3 this morning i was making my husbands pack lunch and imagining the taste of a ham butty lol all ive been told is more water which can be sooooooooo boring so ive started peppermint tea quiet nice ive been trying to keep myself occupied by writing all my feelings down in a book and reminding myself why im doing this its not just 4 me its 4 my kids they get hassled at school for my weight i just keep these things in mind and even if i only last a couple of weeks then so be it ill way less and at least id have tried my best already looking at other diet plans for when im done to see what will be best for me when im done with the 100% all i can say is your doing this for yourself and it will feel good nxt week when you have your 1st weight in yesterday i was low so jumped on the scales for a quick peek and was 3ld less so that keeps me going 3lb in a day xx good luck


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Keep going guys! It is really worth it! I'm starting week six and I had those days at the beginning - and in week 4! Just remember why you're doing this and flick the food demon off your shoulder! xxx


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Hang in there people - It really is worth it. To think that you are almost at your first weigh - think how fab you feel when you see how much you have lost. I find that a large hot very sweet black coffee helps a great deal and at least fends off the hunger pangs for a bit longer. You will do fab - keep busy, remember your goal, drink plenty of water and before you know it you will have done your first week, be well into Ketosis and well on your way to a slimmer more beautiful you.

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Please can someone tell me more about Ketosis - I am on day 3 too (seems like a trend!) and am not so much hungry as just want to taste something other then chicken soup! (I'm not a big shake fan so I opted for more of the soup).

Can you have sweet coffee? I was told no sugar allowed!

Have you got any tips, you've been doing this for nearly a year! I bet Christmas was horrid! x x


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You can sweeten things with tablet sweeteners - I do this to my strawberry shake to make it taste like Nesquik!

Ketosis can happen between day 3 to day 10 or onwards - you may have realised that a lot of this diet is very personal and different things happen to different people at different times. Ketosis is when your body is burning fat and no longer living on your glycogen stores.

The shakes will appeal more soon - your taste buds will change. I lived on chicken soup for my first week or two and now have totally gone off them. Give the shakes a try for a bit of variation. xx


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Lipotrim recommend if you need a sweetener to use tablets as the spoonable powders contain sugar in some form in order to make it spoonable.


When fat is burned rapidly, the body produces substances from the fat called 'ketones' and the person is said to be in 'ketosis'.

The mild ketosis produced by the Lipotrim formula has a number of advantages for dieters: hunger is reduced and a feeling of well-being is often experienced.

Ketones can be detected in the urine of dieters and provides encouragement that fat is being burned.

Ketones can sometimes be detected on the breath. This is only temporary and can be reduced by adequate water intake and mouth rinsing with a mouthwash (ie Oraldene, Listerine)

Because the low sugar (carbohydrate in scientific terms) level of the diet is critical to maintain ketosis, it is very important not to eat or drink anything else, apart from your daily servings of Lipotrim formula (and approved drinks) -

Source: Lipotrim - Pharmacy Programme

I hope that helps:)


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ohtobeslinky Snap!

Our posts crossed in cyberspace:)
Thanks for all the encouragement it really does help!! Managed to get through the afternoon without eating my arm and feel lots better now. Another early night!!


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Well done cezza:clap:


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Hey Cezza keep with it, it will get better. Im on Week 2 and I know what week 1 was like. I found splitting the shakes into 6 little servings helped for the first week, had them at regular intervals- maybe this might help you as well?
Thanks! didnt think of splitting the shakes, good idea. I had the vanilla one hot last night and just couldnt get it down so had to tip it away, ice cold all the way for me now cant do them hot. I just want to get the weekend out of the way, world cup aswell ahhhhhh !!
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I am now on day 5 and I think ketosis has kicked in as I woke up this morning all happy and full of beans! Last night I went a bit weird - my partner made a pepperoni pizza and I took a slice of the pepperoni off, licked it, then rubbed my tongue with a damp cloth really hard to get rid of it! Oh the depths it makes you go to!

Black coffee with a sweetener is getting me through - or maybe thats why i'm so full of energy!

Hang in there! x x x
Yes on day 5 now and feeling better although I all of a sudden feel exausted and could close my eyes and go to sleep don't know if that's the diet though or running round after 2 young boys !! Not feeling hungry and finding the water easy to get down which helps especially carbonated. Just want to get through the weekend and to weigh in on Monday!!

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