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I'm soooo grumpy!!


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Day 9 and i'm very grumpy! I'm going for my 'pop in' weigh tonight but its only been 2 days since i weighed! I'm worried that the scales won't have moved and then i'll just think its not worth it and go and eat :cry:This is week 2 now and i'm still not in a group so have had no counselling and feel a bit down. Thanks for listening, feels better getting it off my chest! :wave_cry:
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Hi Maz
I have had some wicked mood swings in the 8 weeks I have ben on plan so don't feel alone.

How come you have had no counselling yet? Thats pretty poor


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Hi Maz,

Sounds like you need a little distraction to help pass the time.

I found the evenings the worst but that reading 'trashy' magazines helped i.e. instead of sitting about in the evening I would have a nice bath and then get into bed with a magazine (the rubbish stuff filled with stuff about Madonna and Nicole Richie and pictures of 'celebs' with cellulite - really high brow stuff!!) and a coffee and a bar (which I had kept in the freezer for a few hours) and that was perfect and before I knew it I was through another day.

LL is very much a day at a time and some days are easier than others. Not having a group is a bit of a bind - while I haven't found the 'counselling' to be up to much I do enjoy meeting up with 'the girls' every Monday and having a chat. But this forum has been good too so use this as the 'girls' until you get the group thing sorted.

It is really worth hanging in there. 9lbs is a great loss and if you stick at it you are GUARENTEED to continue with excellent weight losses in a relatively short period of time.

Don't give in - the next 3 months will pass and pass quickly - if you stick this out you will find that by the end of that short time you will be looking wonderful - it is so worth it.



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thank you all very much, its weird but this evening i'm in a fab mood! got in from work, did hoovering, washing and felt great! Went and weighed and lost another 2.5 lbs in the last 2 days so 11.5 in 8 days now! makes the moods worth it :)

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Maz I'm glad you are feeling better, you must just hang in there when the going gets tough, because as you know the feeling passes.
Remember there are more good days on this diet than bad & you will soon be at goal, it is amazing how quick the time flies past.

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