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I'm soooo hungry!

Okay so I've been SS'ing since July- with only christmas off and a few 790 type meals but for 98% of the time I SS.
The last few weeks I am feeling so hungry (proper hunger) and I don't know whats changed! Last night I was so hungry I had to have an extra pack (I should only be on 3) and right now I am starving! The only thing that is different is over the last month or two I've started drinking tea with skimmed milk and sweetner. Bear in mind I only have 1 cup a day and drink my tea strong so we're only talking a few teaspoons of milk (if that) and it is skimmed (the only kind I've ever liked since I was little). I also have a very small amount of sweetner (less than half a tsp) although it is the granulated kind rather than tablets. I'm definitely in ketosis so I don't think either the milk or the sweetner are affecting me and I wouldn't imagine it adds any more than 25 calories.
I don't do a lot of strenuous exercise (swimming 3 times a week and maybe a class of somekind - Body Balance this week) so it can't be that.
Its driving me mad - I'm sat here at my desk thinking about stopping in the supermarket on the way home to buy.....god know what!
Anyone any advice for me - I've got another 3 stone to go and don't wanna fail now!

MM x
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Im only on day 2 of my second week so pretty new to this and can't really offer any advice. Just wanted to say what a fantastic weight loss you have had so far.

Please don't stop off at the supermarket you don't want to undo all the fabulous hard work you have acheived so far. Hope you're feeling better soon hun.
Hiya Missy - that's a long time you've ss'd for, what a great achievement :D I have no idea why you're feeling hungry at this stage, could you perhaps give your CDC a call and see if she has any ideas ? Could you try upping your water amount ?
Thanks guys

My CDC (although very nice) isn't that much use (he tries but not much help) so unfortunately thats not really an option! I drink 5-6 litres of water a day so I wouldn't imagine me upping my water would make any difference.

Thanks for trying though!

MM x
I started back at the gym yesterday and although I am doing gentle cardio no more than 30 mins followed by crunchies and leg toning exercises my stomach has gotten well growly in the afternoon.

My CDC told me she has ladies who split a bar and have 1/2 before and 1/2 after their workout just to make up for the extra calories they have burned and it is something I am thinking of doing when i get back into my running.
Well I did go to the supermarket and I've just eaten a bowl of........canned tuna mixed with cottage cheese.
Odd combination admittedly but has made me feel a bit better - can't have been any more than 150ish calories in that lot and is pretty much carb free so minimal, if any damage hopefully.
I must consider splitting the packs - trouble is I'm already disappointed when I get to the bottom of my shake - a smaller shake is not tempting but anythings worth a try!
I really don't like eating anything at all on SS - I'm the kind of person who if she's going to do something, does it properly and these blips (albeit 'good' foods I'm eating) really annoy me! I suppose on the plus side I'm not picking at or binging on food!

MM x

Deb G

Silver Member
Could be the caffeine in the tea, especially if you like it strong! I can't drink caffeinated coffee as I am hyper sensitive to carbs and caffeine effects my insulin levels, making me feel hungry. Try decaff tea for a week and see if your hungry goes away again!

I'm on week 16 of SSing and have been feeling hungry over the past week or so :confused: and I didn't have a very good loss last week. I've also just started going to the gym - nothing too strenuous, but I wondered if that was why, or if it's just my body saying enough's enough?

Depending on my weigh in result tomorrow night I might go onto 790 - it might be something to consider x

Corinne x

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