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I'm sooooooo sad !!!!

Hi, got weighed on Thursday & reached 4 stones off !!!!! Ive still got a very long way to go but was on a high until someone said ' well your still big' !!!! I was on a high untill that comment & no matter how much I try to ignore it I cant get it out of my mind. I haven't stopped crying since. Why are people so cruel ????

Soz for the rant but i feel so low at the moment

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Do you know what, I think you are amazing to have lost 4 stone!
At the end of the day, you may still be big but focus on that 4 stone weightloss, it's not easy loosing that much weight.
Dont let them get you down.

Next time say something like, yeah but I'm loosing the weight, what you gonna do about your ugly face! :eek:
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That's such a spiteful thing to say, it's no wonder that you're upset.
You are brilliant to have lost so much weight, I know it's difficult but try toforget what that person said, I'd keep out of their way in future now that you know how horrible they are xx


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How Rude!!!!!!!!!
You have done fantastically well to lose 4 stone...
All you have to think of is that you are not as big as you used to be and are healthier as a result and are on a long and hard road to a brilliant weight loss...
You are an ispiration to all us people who have weight issues...
Be proud of your achievements and ignore all the stupid thoughtless comments...

Hugs or as we say in Wales - Cwtch (kooch)!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG Maria- I too would have been upset .... wot a cow !

Wacky Jacky

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Let's just hope that we're all "BIG" ..... bigger inside than we are outside anyway! Don't let this comment get you down - you've done an amazing thing making a 4st "dent" in your weight, however much you feel you want to shift! It really is so sad that people can be so nasty ....... don't worry about it ...... learn from it, and try to be BIG hearted about it all - you'll have the last laugh once you shift the rest of the weight on the outside!

All the best o'luck'n'hugs'n'stuff!
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What a nasty so-and-so :mad:

Like everyone else has said, you've done fantastically well so far and people really don't like that when they probably want to do it themselves or have other issues they know they need to resolve.

So, deep breath, dry those tears (which I totally understand - I'd be the same) and off to the next milestone of YOUR life.


Linda :wave_cry:


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Maria, you have done so well.
Four stone is a tremendous amount of weight and not many people achieve what you have done.
That person that made that comment is a totally rude ignoramus, and probably as jealous as hell. She (I presume it's a she) needs a good slap to wake her up.
Just as a matter of interest, how well has she done? I bet nowhere near as you.
((hugs)) please don't be sad. You are such a star and will do so well. Please don't let that creature get to you, and whatever you do don't let her see she upset you, which must have been her aim!
Good luck hun, all the best for your weight loss xxx
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Aww hun, people say things without thinking how it affects others or don't even realise how hurtful their comments are. You have done amazing at losing 4 stone and that also means you are smaller than you used to be and as you follow the plan will lose more weight. You have every right to revel in your success but unfortunately there always seems to be someone around that try to stick a spanner in the works. Some people don't like to see others succeed which is exactly what you are doing, you're succeeding and have lost 4 stone to date. Well Done. You have done amazing so don't forget that!!!!


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That was a very nasty thing to say and speaks volumes about the kind of person she is, rather than anything about you.

You have lost 4 stone, and if I could lose 4 stone I would be sooooooo happy - what an achievement!!
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Wow 4 stone??? WELL DONE YOU!!!
Whoever it was that said to you (I am hoping it was not a family member or friend as its unbelievably mean!) is not someone who deserves your time!
You have done amazingly well to lose that weight, my target is 4 stone and i am only at the beginning so you are inspiration to me that i can lose it!
Don't let people upset you hun, you should be so proud of yourself!!!
Sammy x
Awwwww thank you all so much. You are all amazing. Just wish people would think before they opened their mouths cause I take everything to heart plus I never say anything back cause I have no confidence at all & the little confidence I did have after Thursday's weigh has definately gone boo hoo

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Oh Maria that has made me really mad on your behalf :( You have done something amazing for yourself and have been extremely successful at it, some people do not like to see other people succeeding, especially if they perceive you as a potential rival. So let's pop this bitter nasty comment, which has fulfilled it's goal in making you as miserable as the person that said it to you in the first place. Instead we know you're wonderful, successful, independent and all in all someone to be envious of. Make that person even madder and lose another four stones, or however much weight it is you want to shift.

Cobweb x
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When ever someone achieves something, no matter what it is, there will always be somebody waiting in the wings to criticise, be it because they are jealous of your achievement or they are just plain nasty people. Liken it to buying a new dress which you love and somebody will always find a fault with it, colour doesn't suit you, would be better if it was longer/shorter, you know the kind of thing people say to put a dampner on it. What you need to do is rise above the comment and although it is very hurtful to you, I think who ever said this to you is hurting about something far more inside than you are. You were just there to take a snipe at hun. Don't ever let anyone undermine your amazing achievement of 4 stone lost, you are worth every good comment going for that. I wish you the very best for what ever weight you have left to loose and hope you can put this behind you and forget about it, they are not worth it, but you are worth everything. xx


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4 stone is just incredible!!! You shold be SO SO proud. Some people are so jealous even if they know they should compliment they'll try to fit an insult (& a nasty one at that) in there somewhere. Its not easy to ignore it but look how far you've come. Huge well done & a big hug xx


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One thing to remember. . . you can easily loose your "Big " weight but she will never loose her BIG mouth. Soemtimes agreeing with this sort of person is like peeing on their firework they want a reaction and you don't give one. you can't change that person but you can change the way you react to them. We always remember anything negative said to us but not the compliments. Now it is your turn to remember all the positives instead and pat yourself on the back for your massive acheivement so far xxxxxxxxx
:mad:How rude!!

As somebody has said already making a comment like that says more about the person who said it than you!
I don't know how people dare to be so rude but apart from that nobody could fail to realise how upsetting it would be to hear something like that.
What a horrible person they must be, just ignore it, its either jealousy or an attempt to cover their own failings.
You are doing soooo fantastically, its people like you who are a real inspiration to everyone on here!
I wonder how many people that nasty person has inspired today??


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What a horrible thing for anyone to say.

Big congratulations on losing 4 stones that is one heck of an achievement and you should hold your head high and be very proud of that.

As for that other person they must have some real personal issues to say something like that. I would say ignore it, but that is easier said than done so I am going to send you a big virtual hug :hug99:and best wishes for future weight loss.



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People can only put you down if you let them. So pick yourself up and take a deep breath and climb right back up on your happy cloud. Yes she was insensitive and that was her fault, but if you let if affect how you are feeling and your future weight loss then that is down to you. ;)

Congratulations on your four stone award and I'm sure it won't be long till you get your next award.:)

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