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I'm Sorry.


Lost in the Supermarket


but you can call me Toni!
JezVonSavage said:
I've defected to Lipo Trim. Only for a few weeks mind! I have got a wedding dress to fit in after all and my SW losses stalled (because I started eating lots of crap).

I'm sowweeeeeeeeee :eek:
Ahh, there you are! Hope yours ok and excited about the wedding! Not stressing about it too much I hope?


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Hey darl, the journey's the same, if you walk, run, take the bus or the express train!

Happy slimming xxxx


Lost in the Supermarket
Mrstore- I'm just doing it for a couple of weeks leading it up to my dress fitting! After that it's back on SW, hopefully this will just be the little kick up the bum I need!!

Pie- wedding planning finally all done and dusted- nothing left to do except turn up on the day :) Got my sailor bridesmaid dresses so you should all be happy seeing as you campaigned so tirelessly for them :)

Lipotrim really isn't that bad- I'm actually sort of enjoying it. I accept that I won't be a size 12 for the wedding but I'm seriously considering doing it (or maybe Cambridge) after the wedding to hopefully be a size 12 for the honeymoon. I've honestly never felt this great- I feel really energised which I wasn't expecting and the hunger feeling subsided after a few days. Plus no planning or messing about, just shake and drink. Can't go wrong really!


but you can call me Toni!
Whatever works for you, as long as you're safe and happy :) Can't wait to see pictures!
The same as everyone else - do what makes you happy :) I hope you get to fit in the dress and love to see the piccies - I hope you have a lovely day :DDDD


Determination is Key
Hey hun. I was thinking I hadn't seen your posts for a while!

I tried Lipotrim a few years back and could not cope. I had headaches, was constantly cold and had to think before so much as using mouth wash, or the keytones would go away and the hunger would come back. I'm glad you're having fun with it, and just because you're doing a different diet doesn't mean you can't chat to us!

Good luck for the wedding, I'm sure you'll have a great day!


Lost in the Supermarket
I don't know if I've just gone into it with a lot of enthusiasm because I know I haven't got to do it for long! After my dress fitting I'll be back on sensible SW :)


Really likes to cook
Hi JezVonSavage.
I wondered where you were! good luck for your wedding, hope you make it for the dress size! Missed your feedback......
We'll welcome you back when you return!!!

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