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im starting AGAIN


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ive been through a really crap time in the last few months, one of my best mates died aged 29 from sudden death syndrome, split with my boyfriend, although we are back together, not enjoying work plus other probs
so i was doing well on LT and got down to 8st 8 and then i felt so down that i ate lots of chocolate and then couldnt stop and 10 days later i am now 9st, i feel embaressed going back to the chemist tomorrow as i have started again a few times now, last year i was serious an really stuck to it, i think they wont think im taking it serously enough which i guess i havent been, could they refuse me?
i want to loose a stone for easter weekend, do u think its possible?
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I reckon its possible yeah as your first week is always a big loss.

I think they can refuse you - how about going to a diff chemist?
Or explaining to them that you need to lose 1st and thats it no more starting stopping restarting this is it - plead your case if they say no!!!! lol
I think it depends on your bmi whether they will allow you to go onto lipotrim again, I dont know the exact figure but if you only want to lose 1 stone and the Pharmacy wont take you back, why dont you go to the lipotrim site and go to maintenace tab and request some free samples? Maybe you could easily lose a stone with slimfast and lipotrim maintenance sachets? Just a thought. Good luck though and hopefully you can lose that 1 stone.


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Hi hun! Sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it lately! I lost one of my closest friends to SADS last year too so i know exactly how your feeling on that one!

It's great that your feeling able to get back on the diet and start things moving the right way again though. I'm with Summer on that one...try your hardest with your normal chemist but if all else fails then try a different one! You'll be able to get it i'm sure :) xx


I will be skinny again!!!
My chemist makes you wait 3 months before you can do LT again if you cheat!!

Hopefully they will let you chick x


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Thats harsh chelly isnt it!! lol


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no the girl is lovely and i think she will let me as my weight has been up and down lately, i just feel stupid going back, last time i was there i had lost 6 pounds and was saying how i was going to stick to it this time etc etc
i may try another chemist but i fear because i 9 stone they might say im too light to start it (if u know what i mean?)

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