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I've tried CS but it's not easy for me as, I manage to lose 4 Stone last year with Lighter Life I know i can do it again. My problem is the diets that involves food and after that i end up eating more than i suppossed to.

Monday I'm staring Cambridge Diets and I will keep you inform about my progress on CD.

Good luck everyone on CS I will join you again when I reach my target.

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Hey TC - good for you, you know what is best for you and at least you gave it a good try, but I'd feel the same with a 3lb loss over 4 weeks. The only diet that I've ever done that was successful was Lighterlife and wish I'd continued it last year and lost this last stone and half then, but here I am still trying to shift it!

I'm not what you'd call on the CS diet now, I'm undecided as to what the way forward is for me, but I think I'm going back to simply counting cals and keeping it low fat and low carb - just heathly! I did it before and it worked for me, just need to be in the right frame of mind. I don't think I could go back to total meal replacement, but never day never!

Best wishes in losing your 48lbs on CD, please keep in touch and let us all know how you're doing. As you say, you've done it before and you CAN do it again honey xx
hiya i hope CD works for you, i know what you mean about being allowed a meal, any food seems to lead to more food with me and it is a struggle to get back on track. keep us posted on how you are doing and all the best! xx
Hi Emily how r u getting on? Got my CD shakes 2day and tomorrow is gonna be my first day at least they have porridge now and let hope it will taste nice
Hi TC - how's day one going babes? Best wishes and good luck x
I'm starving lol bt i will focus on it and my tummy knows tht there's nothing going in there so let hope everything will b fine, so far 2day I had CD Porridge for breakfast and at 3pm I had Vanilla shake and now I'm left with 1 shake or soup to eat cause CD you r allowed only 3 foodpack unlike LL where you can eat 4. But I kept on drinking water and hope I will have a big loss on my first weigh in.
Hi TC, well at least you're going to get day 1 under your belt, then day 2, then day 3......and before you know it one week will have passed, you'll have a fantastic weight loss and that will spur you on for week 2! You go girl, you can do it, just get these first few days over and done with.

You know as well as I do with these meal replacement diets it does get easier xx
How r u getting on Alison with CS? I could have stay in CS but I really need a big loss for summer holidays lol
Hi TC, not too bad but was naughty last week during my totm and Valentines, but back on track as of Monday past. I'm more following a low carb / cal count diet now and finding it okay plus I'm going to 3 1-hour keep fit classes a week plus 1/2 hour gym session on a Tuesday afternoon while my boy and his friends are doing their footie practice in the main hall - oh the joys!

I'm hoping to lose 1-2lbs per week, steady and slow, in the hope it stays off! So all being well, I should be at goal by the start of summer - that said, when is summer in the UK lol!

I would probably have remained 100% true to CS if I had a Rowlands in town, but we don't, so I'm having Atkins bars and following the CS diet and tweeking it a little bit!

How's day 3 of CD? Take care xx
Nice to hear from you again the weather is not really bad these days and day 3 is driving me bad cause i have a terrible headache plus i don't like water but i have to drink 2.25ltrs per day and i started in the wrong time (tom) but i'm getting there lol and i can't wait for my weigh in on monday to update you about my progress, take care lol and don't give up.
Hi TC - look forward to hearing your week 1 WI..you're doing great xx

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