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Im starting Lipotrim!


sharon kim

Silver Member
whats lipotrim
its a total food replacement and 3 packs a day which you get from a chemist.

i need some structure so i signed myself up!

sharon kim

Silver Member
how much does it cost per wk if you dont mind me asking, i could do with doing some thing drastic myself low carbing is not for me i love it but having only one kidney its just making me ill
£36 and you get 21 packs so a weeks worth. the chemist ways you every week which is a big thing for me as i need something to keep me focused!

sharon kim

Silver Member
thats not too bad i think getting some one to weigh you is a great insentive to stay with it, when did you start
i got my packs today and im starting tomorrow, although i may change it to monday cos iv just thought ...i wont have enough packs till last me....unless i go to weigh in without having one...hmmm

sorry went a bit off there...

ask on the lipotrim forum for a bit more info...i rekon i can lose 18lbs in 5 weeks...cant do that on low carb!:)

sharon kim

Silver Member
i might ask in my chemist about it
not every chemist does it...if you look on the lipotrim website they will show you the nearest chemist that does it

sharon kim

Silver Member
just had a look theres one round the corner from me that does it so will call in next wk let me know what its like
will do :)
Kels, would you not get the same results doing avidlite as sole source? It would be a lot cheaper than lipotrim. My daughter works at a pharmacy who does lipotrim & she says the results are good. Don't think there is anyone left on this forum who is still actually doing cs.
i know its more expensive and it may sound stupid but it makes it justified in my head....its a lot of monry for me atm cos of losing my job but im saying to myself you HAVE to do this so you dont waste the money!

do i sound mad?


Full Member
Hi Kels

Good luck with the lipotrim, my friend lost 5st in 4 months on it...I couldn't do it myself as I have to eat something in the day! Please stay on here though as I'd really miss you :( I am having a week off shakes as I've broken out in spots and cold sores and am not feeling great...I am still trying to be sensible but its not easy I wish I could wake up tom a size 12!!
Good luck Kels. xx A friend of mine has lost 4 stone on it in 4 mths. Its not for me tho as i need to feel food in my mouth. Hope it works for ya chick.xx

And yes i dont think theres anyone left doing CS lol, its to exspensive!! :(

sharon kim

Silver Member
how the new diet going kels

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