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I'm Starting Management Tomorrow


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And I am very excited!!!

Got my tesco delivery tonight filled with everything I can have in week 1. I'm having Cottage cheese for tea tomorrow since I am a veggie

Will let you know how I get on.

Did not quite get to where I want to be weight wise but I am happy with my clothes size 10.

I only lost 2lbs in the last 2 weeks and I was totally SSing. Maybe my body has little more fat to use. I am also finding I am getting tired and looking tired more and more too. I think my body is saying give me some real food

Well this is going to be the hardest part of my journey so far but I am ready apprehensive, excited, scared of failing when I have done so well to get to this stage.

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Good luck! I know what you mean about feeling tired towards the end. Have you seen that Betty is starting management too within the next few days? Looking forward to hearing how things go for you.


I will be watching with interest how you get on. I am dreaming about it now as it becomes more and more a reality for me too.

Like you say, we probably though not eating food was scarry, but begining to eat again is even worse I think.

Take Care



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Jo - good luck for your management, I'm sure you'll sail through it and love it.

:clap: well done on getting there :clap:



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Thanks everyone.

Well I have eaten my cottage cheese. I was unsure on the portion size as I did buy a 600g tub obviously for more than one day. Anyway I had 6 dessertspoons on a side plate and I ate very slowly and savoured every mouthful

I have drunk 2 litres of sparkling water as I was behind on my water intake today and I am full, cold so still in Ketosis and I feel fine. I dont want to devour everything in sight which was my main worry and I am looking forward to my mint hot chocolate shake a little later on.

So far so good but there is a long way to go

Also called Head Office and complained about my LLC that I am no longer going to as the support isnt there and now she has resigned she is even less interested. But heyho I start seeing a new councillor next week so I should get the support I think I need and deserve!!

Glad you enjoyed the cottage cheese Jo. Good luck with the new counsellor too. You'll soon be on lettuce to go with the cottage cheese - it was the first time in my life I'd ever found salad leaves exciting :).


has started again!!
Just caught up with your thread! great weight loss and how fab you are entering mangement too!

For me management is just a glimmer on the horizon, and honestly my craving is cottage cheese and salad! (well, and a baked spud.... be we wont go there!!)

Let us know how you get on!


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Had my second meal of cottage cheese and I feel full. I know same meal as yesterday but there is no way I can eat plain tofu or quorn. I will start eating them from tomorrow once I can marinade them with some yummy flavours.

I have decided tomorrow at lunchtime I am going to go to a nice coffee shop in York and get a small takeaway skinny either latte or Cappucino but without the chocolate shake.

Its funny I have recently started to drink more coffee mainly decaf but I am buying whittards and its filter coffee. I have made a conscious decision that it is going to be Quality not quantity from now on.

I always spent time preparing my hubby and daughters meals in the past as they eat meat and then spent little time on mine but not from now on I will put the effort in even if it takes longer to prepare.



has started again!!
Great idea, you need to put your own needs food wise up there too. I am starting to prep low GI stuff at home now, for hubby and kids, so its not such a shock when I join them for a meal!

Mind you, today I made a fresh strawberry and cream flan, and choc fudge brownies.... not sure where they fit in!!
Hi Jo,

I haven't been on for a few day's so was pleased to come across your thread. Amazing weight loss and am looking forward to reading how you are getting on.

I start management on Monday and am planning a meal of cottage cheese after I have been to the gym on Tuesday night - I can't wait. I too am veggie so am pleased that you are a week ahead so I can get some tips on recepies (cheeky I know) GG was extremely good and gave me the list of the basics (which must have taken yongs, thanks hunny) I too don't feel I could go straight into quorn, I think I am actually scared to try and eat something so solid too!!

It's great there are some veggies, I hope we will be able to swap recepies.

Please keep posting, I look forward to see how you get on. Well done on getting this far xx
Sez, I completely agree, for weeks I have been dreaming of cottage cheese and salad and a baked sweet potato - roll on those weeks.

Are your family enjoying all these new gi foods you are preparing, I admire you doing this for them. It must be hard. You are doing a great job
Sorry not been on for a while it has been my daughters 2nd birthday and I have been very busy.

Well I moved LLC last night and I must say I have deffo made the right decision.

I did ok on the first week of management but I did have a blip at my daughters bday. I ate a piece of cake and a bit of chocolate and a spoonful of trifle. I felt bad and knew it was wrong as I had decided to stick to management 100%. Anyway I have moved on addressed the reasons why and most of it was well my daughter will never be 2 again. In the grand scheme of things I could have really pigged out and I didnt.

Well I lost 3.5lbs and made the decision to start management from week 1 again due to joining a new LLC and start the whole chapter again.

So here I am back on Day 1 of Management

I will keep you posted to my progress



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Just caught up with your thread Jo. I was drooling when reading your description of cottage cheese - I really fancied some, however as it is just after 2am, it ain't going to happen!

I think you will have to learn to take a more long-term view of management. Don't beat yourself up about eating bits of this and that at your daughters' 2nd birthday. It is interesting how you justified it by saying in effect that 'she's ont 2 once'.

Crooked thoughts are going to play a big part in the next 12 weeks, and the weeks, months and years beyond it. You will often give in to them, but please don't let them spoil things in the long term, just draw a line under the incidents and learn from them, and move on.

Use management to incorporate new and better eating habits into your lifestyle, for life. Don't allow the old habits to get a foothold, be aware of when they try to creep back. Be assertive and say 'no, bog off to where you came from' or words to that effect.

You will have to stay vigilent for a few years (!) before things become habitual. I am giving myself five years before I can say with some confidence that I am slim for life.


Trainee Maintainer

just posted a long post about your great news, which I have just caught up with. However, I have lost the lot!

To put it in a nutshell...

...use the 12 weeks of management to put in place new, enjoyable and healthy eating habits and living habits, and permanently discard the old, unhealthy habits for ever.

Be vigilent because crooked voices (i.e. my 2 year old is only 2 once...) will attempt to persuade you to go back to making choices which are not always good, and which can lead to feelings of guilt, or worse, a return to the eating habits which got you onto LL in the first place. Learn to draw a line under any 'mistakes' and just learn from them, they will always happen from time to time and are a big and important part of the learning process.

Most important of all, keep posting here at Minis! We need people with experience like you!
Thanks AJ

I know what you are saying. I dont want to give in to crooked thoughts and boy have they reared their ugly heads!! I find my rebellious child comes out a lot and my adult reasoning jumps in too.

I am not going back to where I used to be before LL I love the new me so I want to keep that.

Will get there and I am not beating myself up. I didnt have all the tools for week 1 no journal etc my new LLC gave me all that and the advice rather than just been dumped into it like my previous LLC hence my decision to start from scratch. I am happy doing week 1 again and am looking forward to progressing forward now

Must go to work

Good luck with your week 1 restart! I'm glad you've got a new LLC. The support is vital - I've had a few blips but what is different now is that I face the truth and compensate over the next couple of days. My weight has only varied by 100 grams over the last few weeks! I had a blip yesterday (won't go into details ) and can't believe I'm not beating myself up about it - just know I need to be very sensible for the next few days. As AJ says, draw a line under mistakes.
I'm having a few problems judgng how much I can eat. I haven't eaten anything not on the list but have eaten extra protein in week 2 and put on a pound. I am really enjoying the fruit in week 3 but can't find out how much I should be eating. Has anybody got any tips please?
Hi Joh,

Hows it going? Are you enjoying management? This is the first chance I have had to get online since last Sunday and I have been going crazy!.

I started management last Monday so I think I am a week behind you. I have found it hard knowing what to eat and portion sizes so have mainly had cottage cheese which I love. Have you found that your tastebuds have picked up on all the flavours? I never used to think cottage cheese tasted of much but I have enjoyed the flavours and texture.

What else have you been eating and how are you finding your journey?

Oh my, I am so so wanting to eat and join in with you all.

The more I think about it, I am ready. However my LLC says it's better to get to goal and then do management rather than expect to loose on this part of the program. Do you all start management at goal or with a bit to go?

I have one week left in Foundation (hope to get to 4 stone loss) and then by then only short stint in development.

Have you all got any advice, as to be honest have been tasting the odd bit of smoked salmon trimmings (will not buy them again for the family until able to eat!). I don't want to ruin what I have achieved or start to escalate the problem.

Thanks in advance


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