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im starting tmw... havnt a clue what to expect

Hi ALison.....

Expect to be amazed!! Amazed at how easy the plan is to follow, and amazed at the results you will see at your first weigh in.

I was really fearful of the diet - thought I would starve and feel sick for days getting in to Ketosis. I have been very lucky. Aside from a couple of tolerable headaches, and a few lapses in energy, I am sailing!

First meeting you will get all your packs, one of everything at least so you can try them all. You will meet everyone and you will all be excited, nervous, and concerned about how big or not big you are, etc., - you are all in the same boat!!

Best tip I can give, is the realllllly get your head around what you are are doing....that it is only a temporary time for not eating, and that the reward is a fast weight loss - making the sacrifice well worth it. POSITVE POSITIVE POSITIVE attitude is 110% necessary. You CAN do it. No matter what your eating habits were before, you CAN go without. And you will have again. Just not now.

Lots and lots of luck....use this forum often, The support and advice from the experts is priceless.

And be proud of yourself for doing this! This diet is not for sissy's!!! If you get on and do this you are going to have such a high!!!!



don't be nervous about going too much - everyone will be but you'll soon all be chatting away. It's unlikely that you will be the biggest there but if you are it really doesn't matter, it doesn't work like that - honestly nobody judges you on your size it's not that kind of group.

Keep drinking water, little and often and stick to it 100% and your weight will soon all disappear.

Good luck and keep us posted :D


Happily pro pointing!
I hope there is someone out there who can tell me im doing the right thing here...lol... i know i am , i just havnt a clue what to expect, having been to weightwatchers etc, keep thinking am i going to be the biggest person here too....
:confused: please help ...lol

Look forward to hearing from anyone

You are defintiely doing the right thing. You are not alone, we all feel a bit apprehensive about doing something that is quite extreme as far as dieting goes, but it is so, so worth it. (most of us here have done, WW, SW, atkins, cabbage, south beach, slimfast, you name it, you are not alone)
Yes the first week can be tough for some, but you will get through it and feel fab in no time.

Doesn't matter how big you are, everyone in your group are in the same position, they need to lose at least 3 stone, and most need to lose more. Even if you are the biggest tomorrow, you soon won't be. This does happen fast, you just have to look at our tickers and gallery photos and the inspiration slide show at the top of the forum. Stick with it and it works.
IMO this is the best thing you can do for YOU.

We will be here every step of the way to help you as we have been helped.
thank you for your encouring words, i really am excited about this, as I have to change my life around me my family too, i will keep you posted after tmws visit
Thanx again Ali

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