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I'm struggling - i want to cave :( :(


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Today, the day after i have returned from my jolly hols i am struggling - i hate this!! All i wana do is pick at food :cry:

So far i have had my chocolate shake, tuna and sweetcorn salad and a banana and apple. Dinner isnt untill about 6pm but right now - i want fooooooooooood!!!! :mad:

I'm dreading getting on the scales on monday morning, i reckon i have gained atleast a stone (although my clothes still fit) but ive got the attitude at the moment of 'f**k it - just have that french fancie in the cupboard, have a bag of crisps .. your still on holiday'

I know this attitude cant go on else ill just end up right back where i started in january weighing almost 20st :(
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Don't do it SG!!!

Use this weekend as the spur to lessen the blow on Monday... easier said than done I'm sure.

What can you do to take your mind off it? holiday washing...?! Look through your snaps and admire how gorgeous you look :)
I have had a couple of moments like this...but remember any hour of any day you can stop and restart. At this moment if you refocus your weight will go down..if you do not then it may well go up. Just don't think 'I've eaten like this so I may as well eat that' !!!!!!

If in doubt, just have soup for one meal until it passes !!


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Its ok - i have just had a carrot - better for me than that french fancie and bag of crisps!!!! lol

Holiday washing all done - mum did that last night bless her lol
I did that once !!! I ate a whole carrot

I washed it but skin was on, top and tailed)- more satisfying than had I cut it into carrot sticks. Proper chomping on that carrot really helped me :)


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lol i love eating carrots like that and actually prefer them to cooked carrots! :) although i peeled mine!
I was so stressed the other day..I nearly ate a whole cucumber the same way...just stopped myself and opted for a bowl of soup instead....


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lol i bought some soups today from asda, got a cream of chicken one and a vegetable one. About 120cals each which is good for a meal right? Am avoiding bread and potatoes so this should help.

I personally reckon im having a carb withdrawl ... as i ate carbs everyday on holiday :( damn things!! x
The Weightwatchers carrot and lentil is really really nice and helps every time! Much lower than 120 cals so I am often tempted to have two but one usually does the trick


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I didnt know weight watchers did soups ... can you get them anywhere? x
I also never have bread now..it is all about breaking old associations. If I cave and have a sandwich then it is no butter and no dressing. Seafood is my munch hit (maybe I am turning into Posh Spice - I hear she just munches on prawns)
Soup aisle in most supermarkets. Variation in which flavours they stock but most do the carrot and lentil...just going to look in my cupboard to quotes some cal facts for you


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oh cool thanks dia :)
Never had lentils, maybe i will give them a try!

I love seafood too - prawns are loverly but only little ones - i cant stand eating a big prawn lol x
Left in my cupboard is a mushroom soup 84 cal and a tangy tomato and rice 114 cal - both trace fat and low carb. I also have a country vegetable 92 cal but thought that one was nowhere near as nice as the others (yuck in fact)

WeightWatchers form Heinz in a purple can


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I shall look out for them thanks dia - are they expensive to buy? Im wary of the ready meals from ww, infact all of them because of the salt and stuff they contain is quite high - are the soups the same? x


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Hi Summergurl

Just checked out your hol pics you look absolutely stunning. I know its hard but remember how nice you felt on holiday looking good. Don't be hard on yourself. Stay strong. TFR is a lot easier than maintaning. I know, I cant get a grip of it but i will keep on trying and wont let myself put all the weight back on. Its hard to understand how we can do LT with no probem but eating is difficult. stay focused.:D


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Thanks binger :) tfr is defo easier - i wish i could stay on it forever!!!!! lol
Hi Summer, you hit the nail on the head ,its probably carb and sugar withdrawal. . the best thing to do for the next few days is to get back to three good meals with protein and veg and salad at lunch and dinner and if you have to have carbs make sure they are brown "good ones" (Wholemeal bread, pasta and rice etc) . Dont worry too much about portions ,eat enough at meals (Its the type of food you eat over the next few days will stop you breaking out ) . If you have to eat fruit ,not banannas or grapes. Have strawberries or nice red apples .
Dont worry if you have had a gain, you were on holiday hun, just get back on the plan now until you are at your target, you know you can do it.

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