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i'm struggling tonight

i really want something sweet. i've just tried making a pancake with just egg and sweetner like i used to on sw but it didn't hit the spot.
theres a mini chocolate bar calling my name and i'm trying my hardest to resit esp after last weeks blip and i haven't lost anything this week.
oh i so wish i was one of these people who can eat anything and still be skinny.
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Ahh I know what u mean, have a friend that's a size 6-8 and she eats like a horse and does not gain anything!! Sometimes the jealousy makes me hate her hahha

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soon to be slim...x
I can relate to you. Im a terrible picker especially around this time. Iv just opted for a huge drink of juice then bed! Didn quite give me the fix I needed but I know I will feel better for it when I wake up :) x


Must do it this time
STAY AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE BAR......you will be sooooooo glad and proud of yourself in the morning hun that you have abstained.go on up to bed and try to take your mind of it


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This might sound odd, but it could be worth a try. If you've got a sweet craving, what sometimes works is to sprinkle a few grains of salt into your hand and lick 'em up. The salt should take away the craving for the sweet thing - and it'll be such a small amount of salt, it won't do you any harm from a retaining water point of view.

Alternatively - brushing your teeth often works quite well too! :D


soon to be slim...x
I like the brushing teeth tip! I may try that :)
Another good tip...come on here and read thru success stories! They always motivate me x
thank you all i'm being strong at the mo. drink lots of my sparkling water so i will be peeing allnight.
will try that lily if things get to bad.
wish i was tired so i could just go sleep and wake you for my porriage.

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