I'm struggling


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I'm coming here to make a confession.

I am struggling, really finding it hard at the moment to get back on to the gi diet.

Of all the foods I have had to give up, sugar has been hardest of all. And since new year, I just haven't been able to give it up. Practically everyday I have been eating chocolate, not in massive quantities - just a small bar a day. Yesterday however I had two small bars and I think in a way that was a bit of a wake up call that I had to stop it.

I've been craving allsorts of bad foods recently and I am worried that if I don't get a grip on the sugar issue I am going to fall off the dieting wagon completely.

I've done two things today to try and sort this.

One - I've come here - I have been avoiding this place, because I know that I have been bad and I wasn't ready to face up to things :(:(:(.

Two - I've bought lots of tasty and sweet fruit to help me get past the sugar cravings.

So has anyone out there got any advice or tips they could offer? Would be much appreciated...

Luv CC xx x xx x xx
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Well done CC for facing up to the fact that hiding away just makes things worse - you've done absolutely the right thing by getting your butt back in here so we can help support you through this tough time.

Chocolate is so easy to become addicted to - hell you aren't the first person who just HAS to have a bit every day: it must be one of the most common food addictions. I know that I never felt my day was quite 'complete' unless I'd eaten some.

Personally, I've found the only way for ME to deal with it is to just go cold turkey and not have any at all. I'm afraid I'm an 'all or nothing' gal and have to utterly break the daily 'fix' thing by allowing my body to go long enough without it for the cravings to stop.

Once that happens, I find I CAN have 'just a bit' now and again and I'm fine with that. As a rule, I don't have ANY whilst I'm trying to actively lose weight (although I DID have some choccie buttons last weekend - but they were in aid of a fun night with Dh if you catch my drift :eek: ).

Good luck with regaining that fantastic control you had with the low GI diet - it really is a fab way of eating (as you discovered). :)


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Personally, I've found the only way for ME to deal with it is to just go cold turkey and not have any at all. I'm afraid I'm an 'all or nothing' gal and have to utterly break the daily 'fix' thing by allowing my body to go long enough without it for the cravings to stop.

Thanks Debbie for your message. And I've been saying to people at work all day how I need to go cold turkey on chocolate - they think
its hilarious - I sound like alcoholic!

Hope everything is going well for you?

Luv Cc xx x xx


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Hey CC

Wish I had some words of wisdom for you but tbh I don't. I'm doing SS, and on day 21 should be in a place where I'm not hungry, etc but today I am struggling like you wouldn't believe. So I guess all I wanted to say was that you're not alone xx


Back again!

I know exactly where you're coming from with the chocolate, it's always been my downfall.

When I got to goal with CD last year, I found anything sweet to be too sweet, especially chocolate and to my delight didn't really like it any more. I then started to follow the GI way of eating, which I really love and find it great for maintenance and as you are allowed a little bit of dark chocolate, I started having that, but because it's so rich, I was fine with only having 1 or 2 pieces a day. But then Christmas, more chocolate around, and more sweet things around and suddenly milk chocolate doesn't taste too sweet anymore. I still don't love it like I used to do, but I'm getting more chocolate cravings than I have had in ages and eating more than I should be doing. I'm pretty much going cold turkey but I do have a CD bar, which is choc covered, when I really want something, it's better than most other things I could have.

I realise now I'll always have to be careful & I need to wean myself back off it. So I'm not really having any, apart from a very occasional CD bar and I'm not buying any dark chocolate either.

It's difficult to give advise, because you have to be able to do it, but cold turkey is probably the way to go. Make some of the nice GI treats, muffins etc, so you can have something sweet when you really want it in place of chocolate and see if that helps.

Be strong - chocolate is soooo hard to resist when you have the taste and want for it! :)


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Hi CC,

I have a sweet tooth myself and I am sort of all or nothing when it comes to it.:(

Had a break for Christmas and lost myself in Cadbury's Roses!

Cold Turkey is what seems to work best for me.

How have you done today?

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya Mini and Madam Dotty

I can say quite proudly that I have now managed two days without chocolate! I have eaten four oranges though today - but no need to feel guilty! Have been busy today so in way that has a helped a good deal to keep my mind off chocolate.

Amd also today I bought a top in size large from a shop I have never even been able to consider before - so that has put things in perspective.

Gonna make so low gi oatmeal cookies tomorrow so that I can have some treats :)

Thanks for your support guys.

Luv CC xx xx xx


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Good to hear you sounding perkier CC. It really is a bit of a struggle in January isn't it? All the excesses of Christmas still lurk and it's cold and miserable outside and the urge is to hibernate and eat comfort food. Well, it is for me anyway!
The habit thing is the worst bit; I have got into some awful habits over the last few weeks and have started nibbling again, having a glass of wine getting dinner and all those naughty habits that add 500+cals to the day have crept back.
So reading that you are doing better makes me think I can to - so no more nibbles for me, I shall follow your fine example CC, thanks very much!

Take care, Love Barb xxxx


Hi girls:)

Im totally with you on the choc thing/addict..hey lets form 'CA' Chocoholics anonymous' just kidding its a serious issue. I too lurve choc, i know theres a chemical reaction that makes us crave more so i too have tried to go cold turkey....i have however since restarting been having a nibble...one/two/three choc bics is my worse so far...im trying to not resist as that seems to make me crave/binge but im trying to use the bars-LL not choc covered but toffee VV sweet...to satsify craving...sometimes it works, sometimes not....so far ive managed to pull back and accept my little nibble..until the next time...i think if i bought some of the dark stuff id think it was a licence to eat the lot...crooked thinking i know..

the choc thing is a very emotive issue..just wish i could take it or leave it without it causing turmoil...arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Even the choc shakes feel like a mini fix but sometimes you just need the real Mccoy!

Good luck girls..youre not alone!


Hi Curvy Chicken, hope your managing to beat the battle against the chocolate, its no laughing matter:( , I too am a chocoholic and its the hardest to give up cuz people offer it to you from all directions, I used to say to the guys in work, would you offer an alcoholic a shot of vodka, NO:eek: , then why do you keep offering me chocolate...LMAO:p

I've no real words of wisdom, as chocolate and sugar cravings is why I ended up 4stone overweight, I tried everything, cold turkey:eek: , measured small amounts each day;) , even went down the route of the dark chocolate:) is better cuz its really 70% cocoa and therefore not as fattening...ROFL:p ...not in the quantities I was able to consume it:eek: ,,,,people always said,OOooh cuz its so strong you'll only be able to have a square at a time, NOT ME:eek: ....I was eating a large bar a day, to the extent that when I gave up that I had killer headaches for four days cocoa withdrawal..LMAO...:eek: :( :eek: ..

I think this is why the CD is suiting me so well, cuz the flavours are very sweet and choc shakes with choc tetra and choc covered bars :eek: :) :eek: OOppps,, the GI diet is what I aim to do when I get too goal also, so I'm hoping that by keeping my blood sugars stable on the GI I won't suffer chocolate cravings....Keep a food diary and note what it is your eating before you get your cravings, with me I know if i have cheese omelette with brown bread and mayo (instead of butter) I get extreme sugar/choc cravings afterwards, I narrowed it down to the Mayonaise,:confused: ,so now I avoid eating it??????

Up your protein intake, protein will not give you sugar cravings.....(hopefully:eek: )


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Hi CC,

Well done:)

Saturdays are I think connected to treating ourselves after the week, so it is I would think mostly emotional attachment really:rolleyes:

If your like me a small square of chocolate will never be enough:( We know where it will lead too!!!

Stay strong and by tomorrow you will be so happy with yourself.

Love Mini xxx


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I was having troubles keeping on the track. I think you need a good conversation with your own self. thats what i did. i sat down and asked myself " am I happy the way I look??" the answer was NO...so who can do something about it? No1 else but I can...
I know its so not comforting cutting down the food we love during this cold weather but i cant go on being unhappy about how I look aswell. Its about setting the preferences.
Not that its going to last forever. Food will always be here.
Goodluck hun xxx