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I'm sure I'm not imagining this...


MUST get a grip
.... People are really starting to irrate me :mad: with their bloody comments about what I am eating (well usually drinking) the aroma's of my soups and things & constantly, well for the past 48hrs telling me that they couldnt do what I am doing!?
I dont bloody care - if they cant, but why do they feel the constant need to remind me that they cant!
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probably just jealous of your willpower....just smile & say you can do it & will do it!

there are a lot of people out there who cant stand seeing people change themselves for the better...then again, it could actually be admiration!


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Hey, sometimes thats their roundabout way of saying well done for doing it lol, people are annoying though, so negative sometimes about CD, just brush it off sweetie and keep doing what you're doing, unfortunately people like that will always be there :)


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I'm sick of people saying, 'that can't be good for you' well, I'm feeling better than I've ever done, getting all my rda of vits and mins etc and reducing my bmi just like you are so no, it must be really bad for me hee hee. Take your books with you everywhere and get them to read it, failing that try giving them a wack with a rolled up one xxx


MUST get a grip
I have to say...

.... Its actually from 2 of my overweight friends, close friends! I told them what, why and how I intended to start Jan 2008. I dont care that they are unable to SS, they are currently both 'cutting back' and are both about a 1 st heavier than me.

But they keep moaning about the smell of my shakes and soups and constantly ask me if I have given in yet?????
I second what dutch is saying here! Lets see what they say in a few months xxx


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Totally agree!

It can be very irritating at times when you have to listen to it on and on :blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:

The truth is, they could not do what your doing:)

After a time it will wash over you and you won't hear them...

Love Mini xxx
THat is so pants.... come and work in my office Time - everyone here knows what i am going and are really supportive - my trainee even made my choc drink for me this morning!:eek:


MUST get a grip
I think the most aggravating thing is, I'm not pushing my views, comments, thoughts on to them - so why do it to me? I've made my choice, simple. I find it frustrating the 'I couldnt ever do that' the fact is people all over the world have been doing it for years and still are.... I am incredibly impatient, I need fast results to spur me on so that I can reach maintenance as quickly as possible. I want to follow the maintenance programme as well - not just shed the weight then return to all my previous eating habits!

And the moaning about my food aroma's - I feel like just saying P1ss off :cool:
Tell them that they are being incredibly rude, you've tried being nice and so now tell them to stop going on about it.

Deb G

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I only told 2 people when I started, mainly becuse I didn't want the negativity. However, one of them, her husband kept making jokes. He wasn't meaning to be mean, but in the end I got my hubby to have a word with him and ask him to stop. It wasn't horrid stuff, just things like on my birthday he sent me a text saying "Happy Birthday. Enjoy your powdered cake!" and when we went to theirs for a meal, he'd say "Fancy some wine? Oh no, you can't.....hmmm.....lovely.....more for me!" and stuff like that. Only problem is, it gets irritating after a while. Ever since the 'quiet word' he's been fine. He admitted he has nothing but admiration for what I was doing and didn't mean to cause offence.

Anyway - after all that ramble - have a word with them, ask them to stop, and if they don't, it looks like they're not your friends afterall!

Fuzzys Angel

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I'm with Flabbyfay, suggest a peg each for their noses and keep going strong! They are trying their best to sabotage you, terrified that you will soon be the slim one. Good luck!
As i was reading through this post i was think the same as flabbyfay & Skinny.....Tell them to p!ss off & put pegs on their noses :giggle:.

When i first started a VLCD (was on LL first) there was this girl at work that constantly told me it was a stupid diet. To make things worst she would bring in choc muffins & things offer them around, then turn to me & say 'oh you can't have these can you?!'. I changed wards then after about 2 months i bumped into her, she said to me 2 "are you still on that stupid diet? have you lost anything yet?" :eek: Nasty b!tch i have lost about 3 stone by that time. One of the doctors overheard her & told her see was STUPID & must be blind....lol.

I bumped into her again just before Christmas she totally ignored me ...I wonder why??? I tell you why, i'm slimmer than her now :D :D.

Just take no notice of your colleagues they're just jealous!

Good Luck hun....xxx


People who don't get or can't do it! Don't you just want to throttle um! Good for you for sticking to your guns hun, you know where to come to balance out the bad comments with lots of support and hugs!


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I'm with Flabbyfay, suggest a peg each for their noses and keep going strong! They are trying their best to sabotage you, terrified that you will soon be the slim one. Good luck!
I think Skinny's probably right, though I doubt they're conscious that's what they're doing.

I have to confess that very few people know that I'm doing CD--I didn't want all that initial fuss, the inevitable 'ooh that's dangerouses' and 'I know someone who did that and they put all the weight back on, you knows'. Yeah yeah. Change the record. I know countless people who lost weight with WW or SW and they also put the weight back on. If you've been overweight, there's always the chance it might happen again.

Try to ignore them, babe. Or the tactful 'please stop doing it' line might just help. If it doesn't, then as Deb said, they're not really your friends!

Blimey - people can be really horrid can't they. I've had lots of comments myself - mainly negative - it's dangerous, you'll never stick to it etc so now I tell people I'm on a wheat, potatoe and dairy free diet on my doctors advice. I know it's fibbing but I don't need the negativity in my life at this point. Am only on day 7 and still finding things a bit tough - it seems such a long way away - 3 to 4 months to hit target weight.
Tell your mates that if they were true friends they would be encouraging you in your journey. sounds to me like the green eyed monster is having an effect on them.
You carry on with what you are doing and show them that it CAN be done..
I think all of us on here are very brave to actually take the bull by the horns and DO something about how we feel about ourselves.
Thank God we all have each other on here and care about each other. I've met so many good people here.
Hang in there and show em!


MUST get a grip
Gr8 advice - I've not had any calls or txts about what I'm doing or not doing! So my annoyance is subsiding....:D:D I'm starting to feel hungry again tho!!!!! Its all good tho, I've got kids food ready for this evening and I need to get it ready now so that I can have my soup l8r and put me feet up! Not that I've done ANY work today, I've been here :eek::eek::eek:
it sounds to me like they dont want you to succedd (prob coz they know they dont have your kind of willpower). I say keep up with all your hard work and prove them wrong with a fab new figure to flaunt.
Good Luck

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