I'm thinking of writing a book.

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Lexie_dog, 8 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Lexie_dog


    Going to throw it up on a writing community and see what anyone thinks of the first chapter.

    I think CD is definitely turning my head.
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  3. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Thats great Lexie! -good to have new challenges!
  4. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Good for you, chick! x
  5. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Go Girl.. Think thats a fab idea hon xxx

    Ps you changed your pic again. looking great x
  6. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    great idea! ill go and have a squizz.

    i always wanted to write a mills and boon type romantic/erotic novel. one day!
  7. Jessica Rabbit72

    Jessica Rabbit72 Gold Member

    OMG this is getting too spooky for words girlie!!!!!!

    I have always thought about writing a book ever since I was little but could never decide on a topic, but this last year I have been putting notes together about all my clients to do like an student's guide of working in the community for students so they get a real flavour of what it's like!

    Are you sure you havent been me in another life!!!!

    LOVE YOUR new pic you have defnitely earned the title of sexy lexie!
  8. Lexie_dog


    Jess get out my head....;)

    I was going to base mines around experiences as a student nurse.
  9. Jessica Rabbit72

    Jessica Rabbit72 Gold Member

    we could do a joint book tee hee - only joking xxx
  10. Jessica Rabbit72

    Jessica Rabbit72 Gold Member

    hey how is yr ss+ going today im doing 4 shakes and milk today and feel liberated that I have another shake left yet ...... think I will do ss+ from now on and forget having just 3 shakes may help me to get this last bit off once and for all
  11. Lexie_dog


    ss+ day has been fine (so far touch wood)

    used my Cottage cheese allowance as a pick up/snack during the day, used my mushroom as a separate snack. Very liberating.

    Still have my third shake of the day to go.

    Was feeling a bit aggrieved initially as I wanted to do SS until I was at BMI 25, but as I've said elsewhere on here, I could move up to SS+ and do that properly and get to BMI 25, or I could muck about on SS not doing very well and it could well take me many miserable weeks.

    Quite pleased so far.
  12. Jessica Rabbit72

    Jessica Rabbit72 Gold Member

    glad its going well and I thought the same as I keep having blips so will be doing ss+ till BMI 25 am off to have my 4th shake now made with my 200ml of hot milk yummy scrummy. then am off to catch up on my progs so will be back tomorrow
  13. Katinkia

    Katinkia Member

    Hey, which writing community might that be? I hang out in a few myself. Would love to hear more on your book idea's.
  14. Lexie_dog


    Just Edit Red at the moment, dunno what else to look at online. I know what I want to go with just not sure how to form it. Might brainstorm over the next week or so.
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