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Im torn, to wii fit or not to wii fit?

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Hi all.
I planned to buy a wii fit (infact i even had one ordered before i realised it was out of stock so cancelled) .. before we decided to move. i was so super excited. . and since then my glitterly pink carry case, pink yoga mat, pink silicone cover and my biggest looser workout has come. just to rub it in..

however, then once we decided to move out, i would have to buy a wii, otherwise i would have one without the other, with everything so expensive when you first move out, granted its not at the top of my priority list, but i still really want one. However, now im starting to wonder whether i do? or whether it was just another of my, omg i must have this moments..

my bessie bought one and doesnt use it half as much as she expected.. and my sister in law.. (who has thyroid problems) but is folowing sw has done 40 mins a day and hasnt lost anything.. and im wondering whether the money its going to cost me is actually going to benifit me?

my other half keeps telling me its the lazy way to exercise and will proberly just make me feel like doing somthing but with no actual improvment? im so confused.

do i send my stuff back and not get one? or is the money (when i have it..) going to be worth the investment, i guess im a bit scpetical after all that faith i had in my actifry..

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Devon Dolce

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Hi hun, have to admit we've got one and I've only just started using it again with The Biggest Loser game and now I love it! Could you not see if you could borrow your best mate's for a bit and see if you'd use it if she doesn't use hers much?? xx
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I have a wii fit and the biggest loser game is defintaly not an easy way to excercise! you can set it up to different levels of intensity and time slots, and you are able o choose the length of program you want to do, as well as just doing the excersises on their own! I think that the wii fit and all the excercise games are like excerise dvds - if you stick to them regualry and put the effort in so you are actually joging rather than walking it will work!!
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I've got one & love it. Before I bought mine I went round to my friends & played on hers to see if it was worth parting with my money :cool: & then decided it was for me.

You could see if you could buy one on ebay cheaper. Didn't somebody post a thread recently Tesco Direct are selling them for £60 - not sure if this includes Wii fit, but you could look into that.


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I've been having the same dilema Fern hun. I'm going to borrow my sister's to see but like you, it's money that's stopping me. With needing a new car and the wedding to pay for (only 14paychecks until the big day and worrying now lol)...like you it's hard to justify.

Why not invest in a couple of workout DVDs instead for now? You can pick them up pretty cheaply online and if you got 2-3 you'd have variety. Cheaper option for now and you get the workout.

I have one and it's gathering dust. The wii gets used by my daughter and her friends but not that often as it's in the lounge and she can only use it when we are not in there!

The wii fit is great, the yoga and muscle strength are great and the balance games really do work your muscles but I agree, they only work when you use it and this, along with all my workout dvds, don't get used.

It's a ton of money hun, it's not lazy as it does work but only if you do it!

As for it helping to lose more weight, I don't think this will help, it will just tone up.


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I use my Wii every day (or at least 5 days out of 7) wouldn't be without it for exercise. Have just joined the gym, but on the days I don't go there will be doing at least 30 mins on the Wii fit plus. I also really enjoy the Wii Active and Wii Active More Workouts. Definately got my monies worth out of the Wii and the fitness games I've bought.

Have definately found I am losing inches.

I suppose it depends if you have the time or want to do it!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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I have a Wii and it's totally changed my shape and fitness levels, but I personally reckon nothing to the Wiifit games. I use the board with the Sports Active games which are the ones that really work you. The biggest Loser came this morning and I've done an hour on easy (I'm doing medium on More Workouts) and boy is it hard! They don't give you half as many cals for your workout as SA but I sweated buckets and I can feel my muscles. The way I look at it, I've saved paying out for the gym, I'm not burning petrol and all I have to do is roll out of bed and my trainers there. But you do have to use it regularly.


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I have a wii and would love a wii fit can't justify the cost at the minute. My other half bought me the My Fitness coach game fo it and I love it. I have done 30mins every day this week and it was only £12.99 :)
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
okay guys,
iv spent the afternoon on my bessies wii fit, and im sorry.. but i want it! - not as much as i want sofas yet, but i deffinatly want a wii fit.
it was fab and the time passed before i know it. . and although i was originally worried that it wouldnt benifit my weight loss, it suddenly occured to me i dont need to loose weight, co's im at target, duh! lol.. so if everyones benfiting body wise, i.e toning up and seeing an improvment inch wise, for the fun it was. i think it worth the investment. and if not im the queen of taking used items back.. so its fine haha

xxxx thanks for your help guys!
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I got the Your Shape for christmas, the one with the camera. My word its difficult!!! Because you can see yourself, you are more inclined not to give up (maybe its just me). You have to keep up with the personal trainer and if you aint doing it right, she shouts at you - defo the kick up the bum I need. You can target which areas of your body you want to work on. I have done 15 mins on Monday, 30 on Tuesday and 30 last night. Feeling it a bit today as last night I picked to strengthen abs:eek: My word she had me doing all sorts of strange contortions, but as I said I feel it today which makes me think its working! Also love Sports Active!

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