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Im totally and utterly confused

I thought I'd answered this?

Jules, during induction you need to ensure the majority of your carbs come from green leafy veggies if you can.

I didn't count eggs as part of my carbs. Many don't.

Limit your cheese to I think it's 3 Oz per day

You need to find 100% meat sausages, I know Tesco do them, Toulouse sausages are good.
You need to eat more unprocessed meat.

Jim is right, try and have more pure unprocessed protein- chicken, steak, pork etc etc

I also dont count eggs.

The lowest carb shop mayo I have found is the tesco own brand one. Cardinis caesar dressing is also very low in carbs and great on salads.

Also, stick to green veg, peppers, and salads. Root veg is much higher in carbs.

I was quite shocked about the cheese. I was having quite a bit of it until someone said 3oz .. 3oz is quite a bit throughout the day so now I weigh it out in a morning and leave it in a tub to use for the day.

Cheese is one of the funnies, some people can eat loads of it and have no problems, I have to be carefull it used to stall me ever time.

Root veg is much higher in carbs
Yes, root veg is a big no no on induction, green leave veggies is it.
Hi guys and thank you for your replies, im still confused at how i have 15 grams of veggies and still have enough allowance left for say, mayo and chesse, does anyone know how many carbs a 100g of lettuce has?
Unprocessed meats contain virtually no carbs Jules, that's what you should be eating on Induction. The cheese and Mayo should be used sparingly. I answered your question on lettuce on the other thread. :)
Yeah thanks jim, i got that. I think iv confused myself by reading too much!!! Am i right in thinking if i just stick to chicken, steak and a load of green veg il be ok for the first two weeks?
Thanks again jim. Do u have any ideas for sauces that i could put on the meats? This is the bit that confuses me ya see as obviously im using up carbs here wen im meant to be getting most of them from veggies!!!
I used to use a lot of cream and butter mainly that and olive oil I think Rela made a cream and mushroom sauce the other day and posted about it.
Im just confused full stop jim!!! So how much cream am i allowed? Iv just been and bought some and a whole load of green veg, by the sounds ( and looks ) of things i can eat a hell of alot green veg, theres hardly any carbs in them at all!!!!
How much cream, well not a gallon that's for sure, see HERE

and here is a handy link to the atkins pyramid.
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Thank you! Im still getting to grips with all this and the book i have seems to offer conflicting info to what i read on here and different sites, for instance the book states that mayo is 1 carb per tablespoon where another site said something totally different!!!
You really have to look at the packaging of the mayo you are using as they all contain different amount of sugar. Helmans contains 1.5g per 100g. 100g is loads more than a tablespoon.
Hi jacsprat, i use hellmans and have just looked and was eletated to discover i can eat quite a large amount to what i have been!!!
Heres the NV for hellmans mayo.

Typical Valuesper 100gEnergy2970kJ/722kcalProtein1.1gCarbohydrate1.5gof which sugars1.3gFat79.1gof which saturates6.6gpolyunsaturates25.2gomega 3 fatty acids*8.4gomega 6 fatty acids16.8gFibreNilSodium0.6gSalt (based on sodium)1.5g
And the extra light Hellmans..

Typical Valuesper 100gEnergy300kJ/73kcalProtein0.6gCarbohydrate11g- of which sugars4.8gFat3.0g- of which saturates0.5gFibre0.6gSodium1.1gSalt (based on sodium)2.8g
There is a big difference between different versions of the same thing.. always best to look at labels! xx
Agreed Rach, ALWAYS look at the labels, it's a must. Many so called Lite products are worse on this WOL than the full fat variety. It's low carb not low cal.

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