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  1. I'm beginning my weight loss diet today. My goal is to lose about 60lbs by my 30th birthday next March! I am very much motivated to accomplish my goal by this date. It is something I want desperately to achieve for myself. Without going into detail, I have had a hell of a year and have really held myself together quite well. That said, I feel it's time I deserve a healthier body to live in and the time has come to make those necessary changes.

    In the past 3 years I have lost 102lbs and regained 48lbs. I got to a low of 165lbs (US size 8) and am now 213lbs (US size 14). I am 5'7".

    I am a former work-out junkie but have been really slowed down the past year by my right knee. It's been very discouraging and I think has played a role in my weight gain. Unfortunately doctors have given me no relief (or answers!) but I plan to exercise everyday in whatever manner I can manage. It's been about 2 years since I have successfully lost any significant amount of weight but I am truly ready to get back to it and make it work !

    I am calorie-counting, after having tried and failed other types of diets. I am very familiar with proper nutrition but cannot seem to stick with the advantageous high protein/high veggie diets. So calorie-counting it is with an emphasis on the healthy, but room for the not-so-nutritious ;)

    I know my day-to-day may include some days where I make poor nutritional choices but I am not perfect, especially when it comes to food.

    I am hoping that above all else, I make my calorie goal for each day without going over. Staying within my calorie range is paramount to all else.

    That said, I have earned a degree in exercise science and am well aware of energy metabolism and how the macro-nutrient composition of a diet can affect a person's body composition. If only knowledge meant practice!

    My plan is to eat approx 1600 calories a day, with a weekly allowance of 1,000 'treat' calories. I also plan on exercising each day, ideally for 1 hour a day. I have a heart rate monitor (polar ft7) and will use that to track my calories burned through exercise.

    Today I had orange juice, 3 eggs and a side of roasted broccoli for breakfast along with three coffees with cream. For lunch I had 4oz 93% lean ground beef. Now I am sitting here wanting an ice cream treat!

    I have the calories left for it, so I just might indulge!

    This morning I completed 30 minutes on the recumbent bike. Mt polar ft7 told me I burned 249 calories during my workout.

    Thanks for reading! I will be updating daily ;)
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  3. Day 2-

    Good day! I had 1470 calories today, don't think I'll hit my 1600. That's OK, I have a party tomorrow and might dip into my extra calories anyway.

    Breakfast- 3 eggs, side of roasted broccoli, 2 coffees- 403 calories
    Lunch- 1 apple, 2oz 93% lean ground beef, 1 oz raw almonds- 317 calories
    Dinner- 1 Burrito, 1 Taco- 750 calories

    Total: 1470 calories

    I was able to complete a tough workout today as well, 64 minutes and 801 calories burned, according to my polar ft7 :)
    I did my workout on the elliptical strider at my school's gym. I really liked it and it didn't seem to bother my knee much. I think I will workout there tomorrow.
    I am feeling strange restlessness in my legs now though. It might be because I am tired? I really pushed myself in my workout today. My legs were wobbly when I was done!

    I'm feeling very motivated so far. I am very excited about the next 6 months!
  4. Oh, I am so sore! My lower back and oblique abdominals are very angry with me. I think it's from my workout today? I ended up going with my sister to her gym (she gets to bring someone with her for free each visit!) They have two types of elliptical machines there. I began exercising on one of them and my ankle started bothering me after about 20 minutes so I hopped off and over to the other machine. I completed 60 minutes total, 680 calories burned according to my polar ft7. I think I was moving my hips too much in an effort to take some movement away from my knees and that's why I'm so sore. I also sometimes catch myself 'dancing' to my ipod while I'm on these machines-maybe the music was just too good today hahaha

    Anyway, I wasn't very smart today in my food intake, though I did stay within my calories. I made some bad sugary choices and ate too much at once and have been feeling a bit ill the past hour or so.

    Breakfast 1- 2 coffees w/ cream, 1 apple- 151 calories
    Breakfast 2- 3 eggs, side of roasted broccoli- 369 calories

    Lunch- 1/2 of an iced cappuccino, large (which was awful!)- 145 calories

    Dinner- Ham and tomato wrap with mustard, 1 small slice pizza- 481 calories

    Dessert- an enormous ice cream concoction- 760 calories

    TOTAL: 1906 calories

    So, obviously the crazy ice cream has made me feel ill! I knew it was going to, but I was at my parents' house and my Dad offered to treat everyone.

    I am not sure of the calories in the slice of pizza I had. It was a small slice, I guessed 300?

    I did go over my 1600 calorie allotment today but I had 160 left over from yesterday (I forgot I did not get sour cream on my burrito so I subtracted 30 calories from yesterday's total which wound up being 1440)

    SO my 1906-160= 1746
    1746-1600= 146
    So I've used 146 of my 1,000 'treat' calories for the week. I have 854 treat calories left until Saturday (my weigh day)

    I tend to be a calorie hoarder. I'm the type who enjoys one large meal with small meals/snacks for the rest of the day. I usually fare pretty well doing this, but today it was just much too much and my stomach is hurting from my mistake! I guess it could be a good sign though that my stomach hurts; it may already be getting used to my smaller portions. (I hope!) It's only Day 3 though.

    Back to school tomorrow! I'm planning on working out at my school's gym. Hopefully it's not too crowded :)
  5. Ugh.

    I am exhausted today. I slept horribly last night. I went to the grocery store to pick up some things and tasted a bit of everything I bought. I've got 400ish calories left for the day though, I just feel like I've eaten a lot today! I want to take a nap but I've got studying to do and still have to get my workout in. My hips are sore and my knee is giving me trouble. I was able to get my medication for my joints though. I will take it as soon as I finish my workout tonight.

    I much prefer morning workouts, I end up feeling better all day! I will have to see if I can plan for some AM sessions.

    I really miss my 2-a-day workouts. I was contemplating bringing them back. I'd have to commit to one easy workout if I was doing 2 a day though. I seem to get myself into trouble with overloading myself ;) You'd think it'd be great to want to workout so much but for me it ends up bringing me trouble (usually in the form of injuries :eek:) I think I use working out to procrastinate doing over things sometimes. At least it's a calorie-burning time suck?

    Tuesdays are supposed to be my easy days. Only one class at 9:30am on Tuesdays. Maybe I'll make them my 2-a-day workout days. I can workout at school in the am by myself before class and then meet my sister at her gym in the evening. Good plan :) I'll have to plan that for next week
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    Are you in USA or Canada ?
  7. I live in the US (very close to Canada though!)
  8. Well today I went over my calories and used up all my treat calories and then some! Oh well, I will cut back the next few days to make up for it. Made some mistakes with a few items I bought from the store. I should not have them in my house. Live and learn and give away the treats! ;) I didn't do too much damage. My total calories for the day were high-2660. But that includes my extra calories as well. I went over those by 206. So for the next three days I will stick to 1531 calories each and day to maintain my weekly goal. All is far from being lost! (or gained? :p haha)

    I worked out at the gym at school today, even though I wasn't feeling great. I burned 776 calories in 1 hour on the elliptical. I really love that elliptical!

    Tomorrow I'm at school all day. I made a grab and go breakfast and packed my lunch bag as well! I'll be having a 100-cal portion of full-fat yogurt with 1 tbsp sugar-free strawberry jam mixed in for breakfast with coffees (164 calories). For lunch, I packed a ham and cheese wrap and an apple (351 calories).

    I'll be stopping at my parent's house tomorrow night before stopping to see a friend's new apartment. I think I'll have a snack after school and before I go to my parents' then have another snack when I get home that night. No ice cream! haha

    Well, at least no ice cream tomorrow ;)

    I've been antsy and hopped on the scale this am. It said -5lbs! but we'll see on Saturday ("official" weigh day)
  9. Fell off the wagon. I had a good workout today though, 60 minutes, 726 calories burned.

    Tomorrow I try again. I try harder.

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