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Im worried about the CD

Hi there all

IM on day 5 of SS on the CD.

Im worried that for me, its not really the right diet, and that is could potentially do harm.

Ive got a bmi of 29 and probably need to get to about 26.

Started at being 11st 1 now 10.13 and would like to be no less than 9stone 5. So effectively one stone and 6 ( is that right, my mind is literally flipping over)

I CAN stick to the diet, Im not interested in food at all ( smells set me off with the "I want" but Ive generally resisted aside from 2 slices of healthy living bacon on day 2 when I was literally collapsing, and half a chicken mini fillet yesterday both these driven by hunger, not emotional desire :cool: which is good)

I took on the diet cos i needed the discipline and thats great , it is working for me in that regard, but Im worried that the minute I have a meal of any sort in the "real world" im going to pile it all on again.

Eg I read somewhere that someone had "a few of her sons chips" and this put on 3lbs!!!! Now, she only had a few, not a whole 3lbs of potatoes!! So therefore whatever loss I have cannot be truly genuine if it can come back on with a very small amount of carb.

I know when people say they are losing faith with the diet many of you say "stick with it its worth it" and im astounded by some of your gallery pics , many of you really have lost stacks of weight adn hats off to you for that. I just fear I dont have "enough to lose " for this drastic solution and after limiting my body and feeling utterly dreadful, missing days off work etc. it could all get piled on by eating "a few chips"

HELP!! :sigh:
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When you get to a certain stage with the diet, you go up the steps to gradually increase the carbs and the calories together to get you back to normal levels.

During the first few days of SSing, you lose glycogen, and if you have something like a few chips, the glycogen will show very quickly on the scales.

It's not fat though and will come off again very quickly. Not saying that it's worth the few chips;)

So rest assured. You'll be fine :)
Hi There,

We started at the same time and I think we have had the same thoughts - e.g. is this diet not a bit extreme do I really have to do this etc., and what if after it all I put it straight back on.

Here is where I have got to with it:

Is it extreme = yes, but I have more than 80lbs to lose so I need an all or nothing solution and also to break dependency on food

Will I put is straight back on = definitely no for me my whole thought process around food is changing and after I get to goal there is no way I will allow myself to put it back on, rather than letting my weight get out of control I am going to monitor and maintain it which is definitely what I didnt do before.

You obviously dont have as much to lose so maybe not doing SS but 790 or one of the other plans might be better for you, in any case I have already discussed with my CDC the fact that I will want to eat and in those cases I will stick to grilled chicken or fish which I think is totally acceptable, at the end of the day if doing this makes goal two weeks further away but I stick to the diet it is totally worth it.

The only person who can really answer these questions though is you but know this - you have loads of support on here, and you have the power to get to goal and can totally do it.

I had similar thoughts to you too when I started CD. It is scary, I also had people around me wquestioning the diet, as they were concerned about me and didn't know anything about CD. BUT I stuck with it and thought I'd give it a shot. I told myself, if I were to feel ill or miserable I would stop. I never felt ill (apart from headache the first night) and I certainly never felt miserable or deprived.

Then came the fear of eating again, I worried so much that my hard work would be undone with one slice of toast or too many potatoes at dinner. I've been maintaining for a couple of months now and things are going quite well. I eat healthily on the whole, but I do let myself eat a little of what I fancy too:) I am still just below my goal weight:D

You can do this!

Best wishes

Well done on maintaining for 2 months Tracey .... in many ways the hardest part of the whole journey me thinks!


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