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Immune System


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I got bitten last night on the back of my calve, and now today it is a massive bump that is red and itchy, if i put my hand over it it feels like a massive lump on my skin! The size of the bottom of a big water bottle!

I've never suffered like this before from a bite, and wondered if my immune system is down from the diet?

Just a pondering thought, i need to get some cream for it as its driving me mad!
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Want to be a yummy mummy!
I dont think I could drink vinegar on it's own and Im not allowed it on the diet!!?


Mrs B

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I think you bathe the bite in vinegar rather than drink it!

Do you know what bit you? I'd probably get the dr to check it out if you've not had such a bad reaction before.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Lol I know I couldnt resist a bit of silliness on this boring sunday afternoon.

So i guess thats a no to my question?
get it checked if doesnt go down soon , i had a poison mosie bite on my foot and ended up on antibiotics cause my foot went purple , looked pretty though , get it checked xxxx


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it sounds like an allergic reaction. i get that sometimes - it gets enormous, very red swollen and hot, i think there is a particular type of insect that you are allergic to, so thats why not all bites would be that bad.
if you visit the doctor they would probably tell you to take an antihistamine, and rub a hydrocortisone cream into it (as long as the skin is not broken)- you can get them both from the chemist and are cheaper to buy than getting on a prescription. Ask for Hc45 cream and loratadine tablets). You would know if it is infected - it would be very painful as well.
still takes a few days to go down though if it is that bad. hope that works!


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ps, all the redness etc is caused by your immune system producing IgE antibody in response to the bite, so it means your immune system is working fine - a little too well if anything! so no need to worry:)


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Ah well thank you for your help!!

I had a bath and it soothed it, it feels hot and is quite red so i will get some cream tomorrow, i think i actually have some loretadine tablets on a prescription for my hayfever so i will get those too as have been sneezing today!

Thanks so much for your advice.


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I'm so glad you started this thread.
I was bitten on Saturday and my knee is huge now.
I never, ever react to bites and it is soooo itchy. I have to say I had the same thoughts as you about the immune system.
I'll certainly try the vinegar solution though.
Don't leave them too long before getting them checked out!I ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics after one I left too long(Granted my whole leg had gone red and swollen and hot!DOH!)


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Oh no Mary Poppins! Thats bad. Mine has gone swollen and red and hot too! Its got worse over night. I went to the chemist and he was like oh god go to the walk in centre so i went and they gave me anti biotics but i hope its not too late.

Oh no!!


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i spent 3 weeks in hospital when i was 15 due to a red ant bite. at first it was a small lump but within hours my leg (bit me on the ankle) had swelled to twice its usual thickness and there was a vein like purple line going up my leg.
apparantly this was poison in my blood . i was in hospital within a few hours and by then the poison was at my groin. it was sooooo painful. had 3 or 4 drips and my temperature went so high that i remember very little about being in hospital. i was told afterwards that the poison travels up the vein and if it gets to the heart i would have suffered a heart attack (at age 15, GULP)
scared to death of insect bites now


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Oh no!!! Thats so bad and Im really worried now.

I've got it up on a box underneath my desk which is giving me pins and needles!

I took a picture of it, you cant see the redness of it in the pic but its really hard and swollen all over that area.

Im worried now should I go hospital tonight?



Silver Member
certainly no harm in getting it checked out hun.
i dont take any chances any more. i dont see any nasty looking lines up ur leg so chances are it will be fine but i would definately get an opinion from the hospital.
it does seem to be affecting rather a large area of the leg so uve obviously reacted fairly badly.
hope its sorted very soon
ps: sorry, i didnt mean to worry you.


Want to be a yummy mummy!

The woman at the NHS walk in centre at Liverpool Street didnt really know much....she said it could be DVT!! I was like what!! I dont know....I dont wanna waste an evening up the hospital when the antibiotics could do the trick.

See how it feels later. My stretch marks on the back of my legs are all raised - thats how hard it is!! Haha...attractive eh.



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she is obviously not looking at the whole picture (insect bite causing it). she is thinking about the redness and more importantly the heat.
keep an eye on it but if it gets worse get it checked out.
lol @ the raised stretch marks. i believe stripes are back in fashion anyway :D


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Haha yes Im so fashionable!

Thank u for your kind help xx

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