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Impact of cheating

I have a question about when people have had blips on their journeys.

On friday I had a bad day but before then I had been 100%. The question I have is my weight shot up - but how long until the weight comes back down? Is it a false reading for a few days or is that right? I am being weighed tomorrow and as it stands now I will have put weight on.

If this happens will I have a bigger weight loss next week or is this it - eating for 1 day has ruined the whole week? Feeling very de-motivated now (shouldn't have just weighed self!!!)

Nic x
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Hi hunni - don't worry. It's a temporary rise. Only trouble is, it can take up to 3 days to come down again, so you might well see a gain at weigh-in - but if you can stick to Cambridge 100% for the next week, you will get a bigger loss next week (i.e., the weight loss that would've shown this week if it wasn't for glycogen and water regain plus the weight you'll lose this week).
Are you still training??? when I watched you on tv it was you that inspired me to take up personal training, I came off CD, I had reduced weight down from 19stone4 to 16stone12, well I am now 15stone8, it took ages for my body to get used to eating more calories, and my wieght went up a couple of pounds then down a couple of pounds, I did 10 weeks of 2 x a week personal training plus going to the gym inbetween, at the end I reduced weight to 16stone, went on holiday, wasn't really very good, but my weight only went up a a couple of pounds even tho i was away for 3 weeks :) anyway since I have gotten home, my fitness is vastly improved that I am now walking 6miles a day, 2 personal training sessions a week that have intensified and three hour crosstraining so doign a fair bit. I am now 15stone8 but my body has shrunk by lots of inches, i am a size 18, everything is toning up. I think that you had the right thing where you where training and getting fitter. I'm grateful for cambridge as it gave me a good start but I've really gotten into the exercising and i feel so much better about myself :)
hey aogg - I am so glad personal training has worked for you - there really is no better feeling after a great session where you have been pushed to your limits!! Great losses as well so congrats on that :)

personally after the program I had to move up plans to stay on cambridge so decided to stay that way and exercise but to be honest trying to mix the 2 for me just didnt work. As we are now out of season, I decided to get as much weight as I could off in time for pre season and then move up plans so I could get my fitness up for the actual season starting again in september. I feel i've got the balance right for the time being and although I know I am losing fitness all the time, I started from 23 stone and managed to get fit so I know I can do that side of things again (as I actually enjoy it).

Am glad some good came out of that program for someone :) keep it up!!

Nic x
I thought like you, that if i wanted to do exercise, cd and exercise just didnt mix :) the weight is coming off slower :) infact i find it a real buzz exercising, helps my personal trainer gives me a mate rate and is a close friend, he really does push me as far as i can :) anyway keeps up posted as to how you are doing and I hope you get back to match fitness soon :)

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